Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 9, 2019

EU Go, Girl! Adventures in Europe: Interlude

Well, the whirlwind part of my adventure has come to a close, though my trip is not over yet. That is, the goEUgo tour part has ended, fourteen days packed with the highlights of Europe. I’ve been thinking about the tour a lot – it has its drawbacks, but also it’s advantages, and before I go into my last couple of days, I thought I’d point out a few.

The drawbacks are not anything terrible; like the cruise, however, the time in a specific point is set and there’s not the same kind of freedom on a group tour as I would have on my own, to wander off and visit museums or things that drew my fancy. There were also costs that were not well highlighted on the booking service I used – some of the ‘optional’ costs, such as guided walking tours through Italy (where you have to have an Italian guide) were not really options other than staying on the bus and missing the sights altogether. And, as with any non-flying tour, the time on the road can also be a drawback.


Every post needs a picture – here’s once from the beach in Nice, which is very nice indeed.

However, as someone looking to get an idea of new parts to explore late, I think this kind of tour is actually quite useful. I saw highlights of cities and now have a better idea of where I might like to go in future, on my own, and where I’m okay missing next time I visit Europe. As far as cost goes, I think goEUgo is fairly economical even factoring in the unanticipated costs, particularly if you are traveling as part of a pair (solo travel is always more expensive). In addition, our guides and bus drivers were all very competent. I’d like to give a special shout out to Tim, our tour guide for the green line and part of the red line, and our driver, Marielle, who were both friendly and engaged throughout. Marielle should also definitely win the prize for best driver – she was a card, and I thoroughly enjoyed being on her bus.

If I were going to do anything differently next time, now that I know of goEugo and can book directly (instead of through Viator), I would choose how to use the service differently. It’s a 365, hop on, hop off with intersecting lines that travel in a lot of places through Europe. I did 14 days straight, but I think next time I’d break the journey up a little, to have some down time in between the intensity of the schedule. It wasn’t awful or anything; I’m just used to having more “me” time, and being sick and not sleeping well hasn’t helped.

I’ve met some incredible people on the tour, however, some who I hope to keep in touch with down the road, and honestly everyone was really nice on the bus. I don’t think I’ve ever had as many people hand me cough drops in my life as I have had in the past several days!

In any case, I think I shall move on to the next section. Long story short? I’d definitely do it again, albeit maybe schedule things a little differently. And you know. Try not to catch the cold of death before I even head on vacation.

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