Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 4, 2019

EU Go, Girl! Adventures in Europe #7

I was going to do the blog thing last night, but the internet was painfully slow and so I gave up and went to bed early instead. Probably for the best, with this cold. The more sleep segments I can fit in, the better.

After we left Paris, it was on to Lucerne, a city on a lovely lake in Switzerland. The sun was already mostly set by the time we arrived, so I only have nighttime pictures – and night time experience – there. I drifted down to the wooden bridge, over 600 years old, and walked across it. A choir was singing on it – not a performance, but perhaps they are touring and decided to sing together. Another little bit of magic for me! I wandered around a bit during my free time, mostly around the lake area. I did stop in the souvenir store, but since they didn’t sell stamps and I like to mail from the country they are from, I didn’t end up buying them. Instead, I went back to the lakeside to enjoy a quiet pace and take pictures of the ducks and swans. I even got a little closer than I thought I might. These swans seemed fairly chill, but you never know with them. I did keep the little wooden pillar (I think used to tie boats at high water) between me and them at all times.

We overnighted in Switzerland, at a Holiday Inn, I think. Things are starting to blur together. Then in the morning, it was on to Milan.  It rained and rained in Milan, which did put a little bit of a damper on some of my wandering. I caved and bought a cheap umbrella, which doesn’t quite stay long because that’s what happens when you buy a 5 euro umbrella off the street. It does the trick in a pinch, though, so I’ll keep it for the trip, I think. I ate pizza in a little restaurant in the mall in an Arch de Triomphe in Milan, writing my postcards and sending them onward (about twice as expensive for stamps in Milan as anywhere else), then wandered around the cathedral. I didn’t have time to get a ticket to go in, but the outside is pretty spectacular on its own.

After Milan, the bus went onward to Venice. I wish I could tell you about the scenery, but I pretty much have been napping through it all. We overnighted on the mainland, at the Albatros Hotel. It was… okay, I guess. The bed was small and the mattress should probably be replaced soon, and I’m seriously choked that none of the hotels here seem to have a room kettle – not since the Netherlands – but it was serviceable.

Venice was today, and though it started cloudy, it ended up being brilliant and sunny. In Italy, you have to have an Italian city guide, so we had another tour guide today, not from our tour company. Lisa led us to our boat, to go over to the main island. She took us to watch a glass blowing maestro demonstration and to see the San Marco square with the gorgeous cathedral, then we rode gondolas before having lunch. I had the black spaghetti – cooked in cuttlefish ink! – for my first course. I liked it – simple flavour, but the colour is novel! The second course was salad with calamari and some sort of prawns. Seafood is not my favourite, but it was fine. The tiramisu for dessert was lovely, but I still had gelato on the way back, because why not?

After a little more window shopping (which is fun, because between the blown glass and the masquerade masks, the windows are awesome), it was time to go back to mainland. It was another 6 hours to Rome, so I napped almost immediately (this cold is draining!) then Tim (our GoEuGo guide, in case I hadn’t mentioned that before) put on Angels and Demons, since it features a lot of the sights we’ll see tomorrow. I’d read the book but it makes a much better movie – I thoroughly enjoyed. Now I’m off to bed to hopefully have enough reserves to make it through the walking tour tomorrow.

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