Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | October 26, 2019

EU Go, Girl! Adventures in Europe #3

Today was the start of my two weeks of whirlwind adventure, which began with my checking out of my Paris hotel, then rolling my suitcase down the street to the meet up for my tour. I had been hoping to grab a pastry and café au lait from the little bakery down the street from my hotel before check out, but it turns out they aren’t open on weekends. Instead, I had a McDonald’s, since our meet up was there. Cheapest breakfast in Paris to date, for sure!

At the bus stop, I met two fellow travellers about my age, Jhoy and Cathy, best friends from the Philippines who currently live and work in Dubai, traveling on holiday together. They are both lovely, and we’ve ended up hanging out off the bus, since our assigned seats are not actually near one another. It’s been very nice meeting friends right off the bat!

A sign for Reims in front of the cathedral

Notre Dame of Rheims

Window display of champagne and various accoutrements

Just one window display of many!

Our bus left Paris on time, and headed to Rheims, driving through the rolling green hills and pastoral scenes that could have been a painting. This is in the champagne area of France, so after our wonderful goEUgo tour guide, Kenzo, walked us around to give us a tour of the area, I knew a stop to grab a small bottle for the evening was on my plate. There certainly was enough of a selection!

Rheims is beautiful, and not nearly as expensive as Paris. Cathy, Jhoy, and I wandered around a bit, finding a chocolaterie, statues and fountains, neat shops, and then stopped in the beautiful Notre Dame de Reims cathedral. Though the original cathedral no longer stands, the edifice is still rather ancient, and this is the site at which most of the kings of France were anointed. It is very gorgeous.  After that, I managed to grab my little champagne from a souvenir shop (after deliberating over the number of choices even of small bottles!) for the evening plus a hot sandwich for lunch. I ate it outside in the sun before going back on the bus, because it has been a beautiful day.

Stained glass windows in a stone alcove of a cathedral

Some fo the stunning cathedral


View of a valley in Luxembourg from above.

After that, we took to the road again, toward Luxembourg. I wish I could tell you what the countryside looks like, but I didn’t sleep well last night for nerves about missing the tour, so fell asleep! After that, we had a lovely little tour of Luxembourg (the capital city of the country of the same name), going down cute streets and past cathedrals and states and a lovely valley view, before being released for some free wandering.

Sun set illuminating a stone building.

Sun is setting in the square

There was a cute little flea market type thing set up in the square, which I wandered for a bit, but it was coming to a close, so Cathy, Jhoy, and I went looking at clothes in the shop windows. There’s a bunch of high-end fashion labels here, so we looked in strange fascination at the prices. When a dress is thousands on thousands of euros, what else can you be?

We eventually wandered back to close to where the bus was, to watch as the sun set over the Adolf Bridge, named for the first Grand Duke of the Duchy. It was a beautiful, striking site. Then it was back on the bus and over to the hotel, an Ibis where my room is nearly double what I had at Coypel! Dinner was in the hotel restaurant, and now I’m back in my room, drinking my fancy champagne from a paper cup, eating rose biscuits. Tomorrow is  daylight savings time, so I’m getting an extra hour, which is kind of nice. And then – off to Germany!


Sunset over Luxembourg

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