Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | June 26, 2019

Retreating to Recharge #4


Cathedral Grove on a beautiful day.

I’ve been meaning to wrap up my trip blog for a few days, but my vacation-doing got a bit in the way of the vacation-writing part. Since my last entry, I made my way back to Comox from Ucluelet, stopping to go through the Cathedral Grove once again. Then it was off to visit my relatives in Comox.

We didn’t just do family things, though of course there was that. I also visited a couple of wineries (40 Knots and Coastal Black) for delicious tastings. I did some shopping in Courtenay, including for chocolates at Hot Chocolates that I forgot at my aunt’s and will now be mailed to me (oops!) I swam in the ocean (though only very briefly, as it was a much colder day! I had dinner with a friend at Fluid, a restaurant that serves what is quite possibly the best baked brie I have ever tasted.

A small child looks at a vineyard


Too soon, it was time to go home again. And since fate makes jokers of us all, I didn’t actually manage to get home the day I’d planned. Due to a brake issue, my flight from Vancouver was cancelled. Air Canada booked me in a very nice hotel, the Pacific Gateway, fortunately.  Then the next day I flew to Edmonton, where my flight there ALSO was delayed, as a medical emergency had used up our plane’s oxygen and they had to wait for new bubbles to come from Calgary, and then when we did finally board some 3 hours late, we ended up sitting on the tarmac for another hour, waiting on paperwork to clear.

I was very tired but relieved to be home by the end of my journey! And now I’ll just have to start thinking of the next one.

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