Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | June 21, 2019

Retreating to Recharge #3

There’s been so much sunshine these last few days, it’s been wonderful, even if my nose is slightly red. There’s only so much sunscreen can do, even the 50 SPF kind. I’ve done a pretty good job of not just holing up in my cabin as a result, though I will admit I didn’t get as much (creative-type) writing done as I’d thought I might on this trip. Still, I’ve been keeping up with getting a little exercise and taking time to myself, and that’s good, too.

This shows light streaming through tall rainforest trees.

“This forest is old… very old.” I can’t get Legolas’ voice out of my head here.

I cleared out of my cabin before nine yesterday, heading to the Blue Room for breakfast. I had the Surfside, which was two pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The pancakes were HUGE. I thought they’d be just little ones, but no, they were gorgeous fluffy ones. As a result, I couldn’t even finish – I was stuffed and still left behind half a pancake and half my scrambled eggs, and they were delicious so it was sad. Thank goodness I didn’t decide to add a side of hashbrowns to the order – I’d have wasted so much food.

I drove toward Tofino next, stopping at the Rainforest walk because I’d run into some other tourists on the Lighthouse Loop the day before, and they’d recommended it. I’m very glad I stopped! It’s in the Pacific Rim National Park, so you pay to park, but my $7.80 pass was valid until four today. There’s two different loops on either side of the highway, both about 1 km each, and it made for two lovely walks on the nice boardwalk, though there are lots of stairs, so if accessibility is an issue for you, you’ll unfortunately have to skip this particular tourist spot. I’d also never heard trees creak in the wind quite like that; it would make an excellent sound addition to a creepy, scary movie scene for sure.

This picture shows bread crusted sushi rolls topped with strawberry, mango, and roe.

This Buddha Roll was not only a thing of beauty, but delicious too.

After that, I made my way to the chocolate shop for gelato in the sun and some reading time, before heading into Tofino. I drifted in and out of a few shops before making my way for an early dinner at Tough City Sushi. The place is quaint, with a nice view of the water, and the food is very good, especially the Buddha Roll, which I ordered at the recommendation of the customer service rep in a shop in Ucluelet, who said it might seem weird because there is strawberries on it, but to give it a whirl. An excellent recommendation for sure!

This image shows a man

A surfer rides the waves on long beach.

After dinner, I headed back to Ucluelet for the night.  Today, I had coffee and breakfast (okay, a croissant) in, before heading out toward Tofino again. Since my Park pass was valid until four, I figured I should take advantage and stop at Long Beach. I’m so glad I did! I thought it was okay when I visited it back with my BFF about six years ago in November, but in June it is just stunning. I walked and waded and waded some more, and I only wish there were lockers so I could have a safe place to put my car key so I could have gone swimming. It’s the problem with traveling solo; it’s hard to find a place to leave your stuff.

Ocean waves rolling in.

I took so many photos of waves, I can’t even tell you.

I had made a dinner reservation for 5:30 but had some time to burn, so I next made my way to the Wickanninnish because I knew they had a cafe open. I had a latte and a sandwich because I realized my croissant wasn’t going to tide me over until dinner. The latte was good, but my tuna sandwich was not doing it for me today. There was nothing wrong with it, per se, it just didn’t hit the spot. Possibly because I wanted the scones and cream I’d seen on the menu, but they were out.

I did a little drifting in and out of stores before making my way to my dinner reservation at Wolf in the Fog, because it had an amazing name. They have a great selection of cocktails, and the food is very good. My potato crusted oyster was a thing of beauty to behold, and the day’s pasta was all cheesy goodness. I also got some good reading time in.

After that it was back to Ucluelet. I have one more sleep here, and tomorrow I head to stay with my auntie in the Courtney/Comox area. I still have a little time with the ocean, and I’m very glad for that.

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