Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | January 3, 2019

Sunshine and Wine, Two-Zero-One-Nine: Entry #3

Guys, maybe it’s the cold I’ve picked up, maybe it’s just too much busyness over the Christmas holidays and beyond, but I have a bit of a confession to make: I’m not entirely feeling Napa Valley. Don’t get me wrong – it’s perfectly lovely and charming, it just isn’t quite jiving. Without a car, everything is so spread out, and not everything is open over the holidays.  I also feel a bit obliged to DO THINGS because of the blog, when I really kind of just want to sleep in and then read in the sun or my hotel room.  I might just do that tomorrow, if I don’t feel like catching an Uber to explore up the valley.


Napa, California.

I did, however, make a point of exploring a little yesterday. I was going to take an Uber and have breakfast in Napa, but my App was showing no drivers. It wasn’t until I was already at the hotel restaurant for breakfast that I realized it was because I needed to log into the hotel wifi again. Whoops!  Oh well, it was a nice breakfast, and then I headed to Napa. I got an Uber to the Oxbow Public Market, which was kind of neat, with different stores from a book and paper store to an olive oil store where you can taste test.  I was full from breakfast, so I just poked about the market, then made my way up into the downtown area.


Two ducks on the river I found while taking a stroll in the sun.

I wandered up and down the streets a bit, though much was closed for New Year’s Day, restaurants included.  After a while I found a Mexican place called Don Perrico where I stopped for a light lunch of a delicious salad in a taco bowl. Also margaritas, because to be honest I wanted to change things up after all the wine the day before.  I got to eat outside, which was my favourite part. I had been cold earlier, having changed out of a dress into pants and a sweater before leaving my hotel, but it was warm enough that I needed to take it off when walking about. After that, it was an Uber back to the hotel, because I wasn’t going to eat just to kill time.



I thought this stone building looked interesting in the sunlights.

I thought about taking a swim in the pool at the hotel if it was warm enough, and lamented to my Uber driver that I wished the hotel had a hot tub. Well, lo and behold, it actually does, tucked away so I didn’t see it until I was through the fence area. And a good thing too, because the pool water was absolutely frigid, even for this Canadian!

I had dinner at the hotel too, truffle fries then scallop sliders which I didn’t realize came with fried breaded onions, or I’d have skipped the appetizer. It was good, but not as good as the first day’s dish. Then it was back to my room for the night.

White flower

A flower, because I don’t have any pictures from my spa day!

As for today, I barely left my room, but for good reason. When I couldn’t see any available appointments at the hotel spa on their app, I’d done a little research and found a mobile spa that comes to your rental. It’s called Mais Oui, and it is aptly named, because if you asked me if I would use it again, I would say “Mais oui!” – that is, yes, yes, yes. I spent 2.5 hours being pampered in the comfort of my room, with the Spa Pure Gold Gift Package I found on special. It included a gold face mask facial, full body polish, a honey foot wrap, a hot oil scalp treatment, a full body massage, and then a soak in hot mineral water with cherry mocktails and chocolates as my massage therapist Michelle cleaned up and headed out.  I might just be eating those chocolates right now.

I finished the night by finding somewhere different to eat. I walked to a Hawaiian barbecue place, but it turned out to be more like a fast food chain than sit down restaurant and I wasn’t feeling it, so I made my way down to the Junction Brewery. It’s a cozy little bar and restaurant, and I enjoyed my house salad followed by a pork belly and bacon sandwich with arugula and balsamic drizzle with fries. Then it was an Uber back to my hotel because it was too cold to walk and another dip in the hot tub because why not?  I’m on vacation.  Which is what I’ll be reminding myself tomorrow: I can do whatever I want, even if that means staying in my hotel and doing nothing at all.

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