Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 6, 2018

Peru-ving Myself A Traveler Again: Entry #1

Despite what my title might suggest, I am not in Latin America – that is, not quite yet. Now that I’m more than settled into my condo and figured out what budget I need for homeownership, I felt ready to venture out farther than Canada on my own again. After hearing about Peru and Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountain, I felt compelled to make Peru my next big adventure.  Of course, Peru is very far from Yellowknife, and I’ve broken up my travel a bit, mostly on purpose (long story short, I now know how to book multi-destination flights on Priceline but not before accidentally clicking all the way through on a one way flight to Houston, so we’re taking an extra day. :D) It’s quite the trek I’m making of this trip, starting with a ticket to Calgary booked on points.

Storm Rolling In

Jonesey, Snort, and Howl look at the dark clouds rolling in on the river.

I arrived yesterday, then picked up a rental car and drove to Medicine Hat so I could visit with my very good friend who I’ll call Jonesey (a nickname from a play we did together). I adore Jonesey and wanted to get to know her boys “Snort” and “Howl” a little better, so even though I was running on five hours of sleep and had been up since 3:30 a.m., I picked up a rental car (a comfortable mid-size from Avis) and made my way to her lovely home. Her littlest guy wasn’t feeling well, so we stayed in, which was probably a good thing for me too – I barely made it through the delicious dinner Jonesey and her husband prepared before I had to crash. Both Snort and Howl outlasted me!

Feeding the horses

Snort was scared at first, but then embraced feeding the horses.

I got more visiting in today, and Jonesey and the boys and I went on a little adventure to Echodale Park and the little rescue animal farm there is there while her husband stayed home since he is in the middle of building a deck onto the back of the house.  The boys were delighted by the animals, as was I, and we got in a bit of sunshine before the clouds rolled ominously in and we had to make haste to the car. We got in just before the downpour, but barely!  Then it was home for more visiting before I hit the road back to Calgary. I’m overnighting in the Sandman Hotel Calgary Airport. The bed is very comfortable, which is good, because I’m about to crash again. Tomorrow I fly to the Houston International Airport, and will maybe be meeting up with a former school who lives there.  But for now, I’m signing off, because I’ve still got some sleep to catch up on! I likely won’t blog tomorrow or the day after – because it’s pretty much all airports – but stay tuned for more down the road, especially once I actually make it to Peru!

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