Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | December 15, 2017

Vancouver Island: Once More, Without the Stones #8

I have been home a few days now, but thought I would wrap up with a short entry about my last few days of vacation.  I left off on Saturday, with only vague plans for my Sunday. I started by doing a little Christmas shopping at some of the box stores that were open, looking for some gifts for people on my list. I found only a few, but knew I had most of my shopping done or planned for when I was home, so wasn’t too worried. I went back to my hotel for a while and vegged, then made myself go for a walk along this path behind the hotel rather than taking a nap, though I was tempted. It was a lovely saunter, though, so I’m glad I went. I got some lovely photos.


Taking a stroll in Courtenay.

I ate at the White Spot again, in part because I just wanted hamburger and a short walk back. Then I went back to my room and wished that my holiday wasn’t over. The next morning, I drove in my rental to the airport in a heavy fog, which is not a metaphor.  It seems the universe heard my pleas, because my flight was cancelled. Rather than wait all day at the airport for a flight that might not get me out of Comox and then might not get home, I was rebooked for the next day. I called into work to take another vacation day, extended my rental car, then visited to see what my options were and scored another trip back to the Kingfisher Resort and Spa.

Given it was a few hours until check in, I did a bit more shopping on the main street area of Courtney, then made my way to the hotel. I got a bit turned around as the GPS seemed to think the address was down the highway the wrong way, but by four o’clock I was back in a room where I could see the ocean for one last day, plus try out one more of those fancy cocktails. The Sherry Cobbler is glorious, though I wish I could have found a way to eat the berries buried in the ice cubes without looking tacky. Next time!


There’s no place like the ocean.

The next morning, Tuesday, was clear, so I made my way to my home, but not without a quick goodbye to the ocean. I know I’ll be back. I love it too much not to be. But it’s good to be home, too, even if I do have to go to work and not play and play all day. Until the next trip!

P.S. Upgraded myself to Plus seating on Westjet on the way home and it was wonderful, and not just because of the two Prosecco mini bottles I drank. I love having no one in the middle. Well worth the money to extend the holiday feeling a little longer!

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