Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | December 10, 2017

Vancouver Island: Once More, Without the Stones #7

I didn’t write a post yesterday, because most of the day was spent on the road and then visiting with family, and by the time I got back to the hotel I was pretty bagged.  So today will cover two days!

Yesterday, we said goodbye to Ucluelet, and my parents and I made our way back along the winding road toward Courtenay.  The highway was really foggy, so it was a bit slow going, and it was a bit weird for me to be the one driving my parent for once, but kind of nice all the same. We stopped in Port Alberni for lunch/a break from the road, and I can’t quite remember the place name but it was something like The Turtle Cafe.  The food was good though I just had a salad.  I love eating salad down south – everything just tastes fresher!


Beautiful, ethereal forest!

After Port Alberni, we stopped at Cathedral Grove.  It was a lot colder yesterday than it had been, but the dense fog made for a sort of magical atmosphere in the tall trees. I have no doubt it is also magical in the sun, and will have to verify in the the future. As it is, it is quite neat to be amongst such old, old tall trees.

A quick stop in Coombs after the Cathedral Grove was in order, where a few more Christmas gifts were purchased by my parents, and I bought a pastry called a Beesting, which is a glorious whipped cream and caramel concoction it took me two days to eat.  I also ran into a woman I know from Yellowknife; she and her husband used to live in my condo building until earlier this year, when they retired to Vancouver Island. It’s such a small world!


In the absence of goats on the roof, I will be a stand in goat.

Courtenay was our next stopped, where we checked into the Holiday Inn Express. My aunt came to pick us up for dinner after work, and we went to Fresh Slice for some super inexpensive but delicious pizza of so many kinds. After eating dinner at her and my uncle’s home, my aunt took us out to look at the lights for a while, including a cool set at the Crown Isle Golf Resort, where they also take donations for the food bank as “admission”.  It was very lovely, though I finally have started to feel the chill, so was not able to stay out long!

Today was a little more shopping, first at a couple of craft fairs in Courtenay and Comox, then along 5th Street, the “main” street in Courtenay, including lunch at a pub where I had an excellent California Wrap. Shopping also included a stop at Hot Chocolates, where I cleared out the inventory of dark chocolate champagne truffles. I have about a dozen (plus another six in milk chocolate) which will be my New Year’s Eve treat.  They are my favourite, and I can’t get the good kind at home, just ones full of preservatives.  These I’ve popped in the fridge to stay until I leave, then into the freezer they’ll go to keep me from being tempted.


Picture courtesy of Jenny Chartrand, Grey Owl Tattoo, who also did the art! Thanks again, Jenny, it is PERFECT!

After that, I went and got my tattoo on my ear coloured in at Grey Owl Tattoo, and also got to catch up with my friend Jenny (the tattoo artist and all around awesome person) while she did another tattoo, a gorgeous set of roses in grey-scale.  She’s about halfway done and it already looks amazing, so I can’t wait to see what she posts of the full work. Of course, I’m even more fond of my pretty little quill behind the ear. I also have to thank her for getting pictures for me – I can’t take my own given the location, though I did try and fail to do so in the mirror!

I had dinner at the White Spot after my tattoo, for proximity alone, a salad with candied salmon and beets. It was very good, and still left room for my Beesting leftovers!  Soon I’ll be off the internet and off to bed, to be well rested for my last day on the Island. It’s back home and back to work soon… but not yet. Not. Yet.

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