Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | December 8, 2017

Vancouver Island: Once More, Without the Stones #6


Sunrise on Terrace Beach

It was the perfect kind of low key day today, with enough sun and alone time to suit this introvert.  I started the day just before sunrise, creeping out after starting a pot of coffee to take pictures of the sun coming up on the beach. Then, after some coffee, my parents and I went to the Blue Room for breakfast, where I had a latte and a fisherman’s breakfast, which had eggs, hash browns, toast and ham, sausage, and bacon, which was awesome because I didn’t have to pick.

My parents went off to do some Christmas shopping (for me, I think, given the hints they dropped like anvils) while I gassed up the car and got a few groceries. They were content to walk home, so I got to do my daily walk on the Wild Pacific Trail.



I climbed a tree!

I stuck to the coastal side this time; that is, I walked to the lighthouse along the coast and then back along the coast, even though it was longer, to get more time in with the ocean. It was lovely and sunny and warm today. I found my little cove again and debated taking a nap on a log, but thought that might be imprudent with the tide coming in.

I did a lot of soaking up the sun and picking about the rocks, though my ankle has been sore and stiff today.  I’m glad I did, because the ankle is probably always going to be a problem, but you don’t get to find a crab in a shell by sitting at home! (I was looking for a snail inside, but bravely took picture when I realized it was a tiny crab with scary spider-like legs.)


I found a crab!



Sunset on the beach

I came back to the cabin for a bit, as mom and dad were home with a treat, some apple cake, from the bakery. After a bit of down time, dad and I walked down to Little Beach to take pictures of the sunset. It is such a pretty little spot and so worth the glute workout you get walking up the hill from the cabins we’re staying at!

After that, I drove mom to pick up the Christmas letters she had printed (she’s finishing them here, where she’s got less outside pressures and stress) and mailed a few post cards, then we were back to make dinner.  Fortunately, not pasta this time!  We had barbecue chicken and rice and salad, followed by the blueberry pirogies I’d picked up in Coombs.



I’ve had my last soak in the hot tub, as we pack up tomorrow. I’m already sorry to see us go, even with the Cathedral Grove to look forward to tomorrow. It’s so beautiful here, and so restful, and so full of sunshine. At least I have another few nights on the Island before I have to go home to snow and cold!


The view from our deck when the sun sets.


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