Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | December 6, 2017

Vancouver Island: Once More, Without the Stones #4


The light was much better for photos today!

I just want to write “happy, happy, happy” over and over, but that doesn’t make for the most interesting blog entry.  But I am definitely in my happy place, as I listen to music and type, heart singing for the beauty of the day.

So the verdict is that my dad can be heard snoring from my loft, but fortunately, not too loudly and he hasn’t been doing much of it anyway. I only know because he went down to read a book and I could hear him, but he woke up and stopped by the time he went to bed properly.  It’s not too bad, anyway, as the sound of the ocean makes for a nice distraction. I love the non-uniform rhythm of the waves in the night. The best kind of lullaby ever.




No whales, but plenty of waves.

I started my day with a cinnamon bun from the bakery mom had picked up yesterday, with some Greek yogurt I picked up in Coombs.  I then went for a walk around the Wild Pacific Trail on my own while my parents stayed back to putter and do their own thing. The light was beautiful today, with clear blue skies and sun on my skin as I strolled at my own pace, stopping to take pictures (so many pictures) and just enjoy the warmth. It was really funny for me to pass people in their puffy jackets and toques. Even my parents bundle up a little. I, however, am perfectly comfortable with just a sweatshirt.


That perfect light through the trees that I love.

After my walk, my parents and I went into to the Tofino area. It meant I got to show them my favourite beach. I love, love, love Chesterman Beach, and was so happy to be there again. The tide was coming in, so we had it to ourselves mostly, especially because it is King Tide time, so it is super high and there were rip tide warnings. I got to take my shoes and socks off and go barefoot in the sand and surf. My toes got a little red, but really it wasn’t that chilly at all. My dad also got to touch the ocean, though his was an accident – he was taking pictures and miscalculated how high up the beach a wave was going to crawl. He was good-humoured about it, even though it meant wet feet for most of our time in Tofino proper, visiting the shops, and also having to endure my pointing out ugly slippers he could buy in the pharmacy.



Bird taking flight on my favourite beach.

Of course, before going in to Tofino, I made sure we made a stop at Chocolate Tofino. Dad  got some Chocolate Elixir so he could feel a bit like Hercule Poirot, and both he and mom grabbed a selection of the homemade truffles. I got my own as well, plus some more excellent gelato.


Happy ocean feet!

We then drove back to Ucluelet as the sun sunk down on the water, getting back just before it disappeared entirely below the horizon. We ate leftover pasta for dinner, as yesterday mom wasn’t sure how much the bag would make, so cooked it all.  We will likely eat it at least once more in the next two days, or see if we can find a container to pack it up to take to my aunt’s house. There’s… a lot. Still.

Mom and Dad were out in the hot tub earlier, but I decided to take a pass tonight in favour of not needing to cool down before bed.  Perhaps I’ll take a dip in the ocean tomorrow so I’ll need a warm up. We’ll see. In any case, my feet are going to be happy ocean feet tomorrow, no matter what we decide to do… though I suspect we’ll find our way to my beach again, for more happy heart singing.




  1. LOL I was on my way home from Tuff on Wednesday and stopped on Long Beach to confer with the ocean. I pulled a your-dad and miscalculated a gumboots-in-the-sand shot, and got soaked. I think 75% of the people wandering around the town of Tofino are probably suffering some degree of wetness.

  2. Nice article, Vancouver Island is an amazing place to travel 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s one of my favourite places in the world.

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