Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | December 5, 2017

Vancouver Island: Once More, Without the Stones #3


Being by the ocean makes me so happy.

Traveling with my parents is different than traveling with the friends I have traveled with, and definitely very different than traveling alone. Not different bad or even different good. Just different. Our rhythms are just different, and it makes for some adjustments. For example, my dad likes to wind down with the television at night, and I usually keep it off when I’m on vacation (I can watch TV at home any time) and my mom is nervous about wildlife on the trails so talks when I would normally just let my heavy steps do the forewarning for me.  Again, not bad or good, just different.


We know this is a Steller’s Jay, because my dad googled him. He’s pretty stellar.

We started the day with some lazy quiet time, which was nice.  My mom brought my coffee up to me, which was nice.  Then I had a soak in the huge tub up in my loft while watching the sun come up and then read in there for bit. I really need to remember to take a picture of it.  I can sit up and the water nearly is up to my shoulders. Mom made breakfast, bacon and eggs, and we read and watched a Steller’s Jay hop around a bit. We fed him some breadcrumbs.  I’m going to make an effort to make friends with him and his buddies before we leave. My goal is having him eat out of my hand, but we’ll see!


Light through the trees is always gorgeous, but maybe especially through B.C. trees.

After that, we did the Wild Pacific Trail’s Lighthouse Loop.  The light was only good for some of the walk, but I still got some good pictures. I also got some nice coastal time, because the sun came out and it was just as I found a lovely little off trail with a driftwood fence and an excellent coastal view from a bench.  I will probably even go back on my own and hang out there.  We did the rainforest side first, my mom and I, while my dad was off on a beach taking photos, then he met us coming the other way around, and somehow my mom ended up chatting with some Americans who moved here for reasons one might predict and missed the off trail I’d pointed her toward, so she ended up going ahead, and then my dad caught up with me, which would have been fine if we weren’t the two with the cabin keys! My mom was content to wander the beach until we got back, fortunately.


Toward my lovely little nook.

After our walk, we went into the main part of Ucluelet and did some shopping.  Mom got a hat she likes very much, a turquoise felted cloche that matches her jacket. She suggested it to my dad as a Christmas present, then decided she couldn’t wait. It looks very cute. It’s funny too, because she also liked it for keeping her warm. Both she and my dad wore proper jackets and mentioned being chilled. I just wore my sweatshirt, and I’m always cold at home. I just don’t find that the damp gets into my bones the way it seems for some. Maybe my love for this place just keeps the cold out.  I also inquired after whale watching, but it is too late in the season. No crazy whale adventures for me this trip. I’m still going to keep my eye out, in case some orcas decide to visit.

We made our way back to our lovely cabin before sunset, read and snacked on cheese from Coombs with crackers, and beefy mom brought from home, and then my mom made pasta and salad for dinner. A lot of it!  We have this enormous container in the fridge and dad joked about needing to scramble it with eggs for breakfast to get rid of it all before we go home. It’s not quite as bad as all that, but we might be getting a container to put it in and give it to my aunt and uncle so we don’t have to eat it every day.


Also, we saw an eagle!

I did the dishes after dinner, and relaxed in the hot tub for a bit. We might go into to Tofino tomorrow, we might not.  But no matter what, I’m going to have a good time. I’m so glad to be here, and healthy this time.


  1. ❤ Steller's Jays! There was a serious lack of them around Ukee in November, but they seem to be back.

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