Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | December 4, 2017

Vancouver Island: Once More, Without the Stones #2

It’s going to be a short entry today – much of my time was spent on the road.  I did get up and photograph the sunrise on the beach this morning, my feet a little cold in flip-flops as it was a bit frosted. Then it was breakfast, check out, and a shuttle to the airport to get my rental car. I drove to Nanaimo and picked up my parents, then we made our way to Ucluelet with a stop in Coombs, where the Country Market goats were not on the roof today. After some delightful shopping there and then in the used bookstore, I drove us down the winding way to the Terrace Beach Resort, navigating the frosted roads like a champ.




Frost on the beach means frost on my toes

After unloading and checking out our cabin, the Sea Star (appropriate for a Starfish Dancer!), we had fish and chips at the Cedar Grill, then returned to our rental place where mom and I soaked the hot tub while dad watched football. All in all a good day, though I’m bagged!  Going to chill in the loft where my bed is (I’ll take pictures tomorrow, because the jet tub is phenomenal) for a bit then sleep with my windows open. Hopefully the sound of the ocean through my open window will be louder than my dad snoring in the bedroom downstairs, since this is pretty open concept!

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