Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 7, 2017

Back in BC: Entry #6

I’m sitting in my lodge room on the couch that is like sinking into the cushiest marshmallow, feet on the soft, starfish-patterned area rug, sipping coffee and wishing I never had to leave. It was my last night in Ucluelet, as I am hitting the road to my aunt’s in Courtenay shortly. Robyn and M and his daughter headed out toward Qualicum Falls last night, so I had the room and bed to myself, but after a long day of awesomeness, I crashed before writing my blog – hence the morning entry instead.

Robyn and I had a bit of a lazy morning  yesterday.  She had her tea while I sipped on my coffee, waiting out eleven o’clock so that we could try a different restaurant.  M and his daughter P joined us at Howler’s, where I ate way too much food because it was so delicious. I had their junction wrap, which has sprouts and fresh eggs and avocado and was so good, with a side of what were quite possibly the best hash browns I have ever eaten. Perfectly crisp and so good.


This tree in the Botanical Gardens looks like an elephant. I love him.

Next, we drove to Tofino for our day plans. Then, even though we were totally full, we stopped at the chocolate shop where I got fresh delicious chocolates (that I ate after the beach and dinner last night) and gelato.  I can’t remember what Robyn got, but I had a small cup of the lavender honey. They make it fresh, and it was glorious and perfect. Just the right amount of floral to offset the sweet without being overpowering.


No frogs, but yes chickens and roosters!

It has been a bit overcast and chilly here, so we went to the Botanical Gardens next, to wander the forest for a while. M, P, and Robyn climbed the trees, and we looked at art installations. There were also goats and chickens and a rooster. Sadly, the frogs in the frog pond wouldn’t come out for a visit, though I did wait a while. The water lilies on the pond were spectacular, though.


Then we went to the beach again, where I waded and took pictures for a while. There were so many surfers out, I didn’t think there was any point in swimming, between the rough and the waves and the cold. After all, I’d already nearly been hit by two surfers who really need to learn spacial awareness on the boardwalk. (When you turn, your board almost smacks the very not invisible girl walking beside you, so maybe be a little more aware, dude and dudette!) But then Robyn, M, and P found a sort of cove where it was far enough away from the surfers, and even though it was cold enough to redden the skin, I went for it.  I swam in the ocean and I was so, so very glad to be able to do so. The waves crashed against me and when I jumped into them they washed me toward shore and it made my heart so, so happy.


So many surfers on Chesterman Beach, having an awesome time!

It wasn’t a terribly long swim – twenty minutes to half an hour at best – but it was just what I wanted and needed, and so much what I wish I had more time to do. I really need to make more time for the island the next time I am here. And also not have kidney stones, which really slowed me down.


Post swim starfish, cold but happy!  (I really need to get my iPhone lens cleaner.)

We made our way back to the cars and transferred Robyn’s gear, then parted ways as she has another few weeks to explore BC and I must go back to work. I drove back to Ucluelet with the heat on full blast in my wet bathing suit, then had a hot, hot bath in the hotel room before dressing for dinner.  The restaurant I wanted to eat at had a wait, but they asked if I wanted to do takeout instead, and that sounded brilliant. So I ordered by Cedar Burger from the Cedar Grill, bought a bottle of wine so I could have a glass or two (the rest is coming with me to Courtenay) and basically had a nice quiet dinner on my cozy marshmallow couch. By the time I was done, it was past nine and I was too tired to write, so I just surfed the net a bit before heading to bed early. I had a wonderful sleep in the comfy, comfy bed – Robyn and I could both rave for hours about the pillows – then did my postcards to mail today before I leave Ucluelet.

So now I’d better shower and dress so I can grab something to eat – probably just a pastry and coffee for the road, and head to Courtenay for today’s adventure. I probably won’t write tonight but will bundle up Courtenay and the journey to Vancouver from my hotel on Tuesday night. I’m looking forward to seeing my auntie and family and to exploring Courtenay a little once again.  Until next post!

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