Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 2, 2017

Back to BC: Entry #2

Well, today has been a bit of a long day, but a good one for the most part. I crashed fairly early last night – in bed by eight o’clock, so felt a little better when I woke. I was still having health issues, however, so I decided to be an adult and get myself in to see a doctor if I could. So I looked up walk in clinics in Burnaby, found the one with the most stars in the reviews, and took a taxi to be there first thing when it opened. The clinic is the PrimeMedical Centre, an the receptionist was lovely and suggested I take an afternoon appointment so I could see a female doctor, which I was more comfortable with. I did end up doing so, then  walked back to my hotel for the breakfast that comes with the room rate.  It was a long walk back, but pleasant in the morning temperature.


Flowers in Vancouver


Hair and makeup all pretty and done!

After breakfast, I walked to the Metropolis at Metrotown for a little shopping, and because I (thought I) had booked a makeover at Sephora.  I had, unfortunately, not hit the  reservation button correction, but they were able to squeeze me in at two, which also allowed me to hit David’s Tea for some new blends to try, plus get a hair appointment to cover my greys and get rid of dead ends.  My stylist, Sherm at Aura at Sets, was awesome.  My hair looks in much better shape. Then I boogied to Sephora for a makeover with Rachael, who did a fantastic job and gave me lots of products to think about.

I had to book it to get a cab to the doctor’s appointment after that, but I did make it.  The doctor believes the issues I have are related to an infection, so I have some antibiotics that should hopefully make me start to feel better in a day or two.  The doctor was very nice and the clinic was on time and professional, so would definitely go back if needed. But hopefully my health will stay good and I won’t need to!

I walked back from the clinic again, though it was hot and muggy this time, so was a bit less pleasant than earlier in the day.  The heat also meant my feet swelled a bit, so my poor toes are a bit sore. Socks and runners instead of cute leather flats tomorrow for sure!  I changed quickly and met up with my cousin T, and then we went and picked up my cousin K and we went to a place called Tacos and Cantinas for dinner. The service and food were both excellent. I had empanadas for the first time, one with chicken, one with garlic mushrooms. Both were good but the mushrooms were incredible.


Totem Poles in our drive through Stanley Park

The three of us were going to hit the Vancouver Art Gallery after dinner, but the line up was insane.  It was a “by donation” night, so I guess a lot of people had the same plan that we did! Instead, we ended up driving around Stanley Park and then stopping to take pictures, before T dropped me back at my hotel to meet up with Robyn, who is intersecting her adventure with mine for a few days. We’ve wedged a rented cot in the room – it’s a tight fit, but we’re both going to be comfortable for it. And tomorrow we’ll hi the art gallery together since we both would like to see the Monet exhibit.


Sunset over Vancouver

We also had to change our planned route a bit. We were going to take the ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo on Thursday, but there were no available slots. So we’re going to get to the ferry to Victoria instead. A little more time on the road, but at least we’ll get on the road!

Anyway, I’m going to call it a night, get some rest and get up for tomorrow’s adventures. Until then!

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