Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 1, 2017

Back to BC: Entry #1

So I am back on another adventure, in British Columbia again, because it is the province that holds not only some of my favourite spots in the world, but also some of my favourite people.  So with my boss’ two year assignment ending and our shop about to be in transition again, I thought I’d better squeeze a vacation in, and that BC was the place to squeeze.


Grizzly on Grouse Mountain!

I arrived in Vancouver yesterday, having flown up on Westjet via my air miles. The journey wasn’t too bad, though I have been feeling under the weather lately so that has put a bit of a damper on a few things. I was greeted at the airport by my cousin K, and my auntie J, who decided to visit at a time there is cross over.  We went to the Cactus Club for dinner, and the food was delicious, though since I wasn’t feeling well most of it came back to my mini fridge with me (and was dinner tonight, in fact!)

After lots more hugs goodbye, I was dropped at my hotel in Burnaby – the Best Western on Kingsway I stayed in last year this time as well!  What can I say?  It was a quiet and clean hotel even in the middle of renovations, so I figured it would be even better when they were done!  The room I’m in is right by the pool, about two doors down from the room I was assigned last time even!  It is very nice and clean and quiet as well, and had I not been under the weather, I’m sure I’d have had a great sleep. I’m feeling a better tonight, so hopefully an early bed time will make up for that.


View from a Grouse Mountain gondola

Despite my lack of sleep, I got up and made my way to the Sky Train station in the morning, in order to meet my godmother by the Waterfront Station. Despite a slight hiccup with the Sky Train needed to send the train I was on to rescue another train, I made it successfully to my destination. I also had a slight hiccup where I hadn’t counted my zones correctly so had to go back to pay additional fare to get out of the station, but figuring out what was wrong was fairly straight forward in the end, to my relief.


My godmother and I, Vancouver behind us.

From there, my godmother took me to Grouse Mountain, where I’d never been. I loved it!  We went up in a gondola to the mountain, where we watched an IMAX show about the grizzlies they have in a habitat there. It was good to learn that they were not bears brought in simply as a novelty – in fact, they were orphaned cubs who would have been destroyed, except that they were instead brought to Grouse Mountain to study if there was a way to help orphaned cubs learn to fend for themselves, unaccustomed to humans, and be released back into the wild.  This was not going to be the case for these cubs, as they had been too accustomed to humans already having been rescued to a farm for a few weeks before they were set to go to Grouse Mountain, but the scientists studying them have learned things that will hopefully help future orphaned cubs.


High above it all on the Peak Chairlift!

After the IMAX show, we grabbed a quick lunch, then took the Peak Chairlift to the top of the mountain. It is basically a ski lift, though in the hot, hot weather we weren’t going to be able to ski!  It was a lovely floating ride, and the view was gorgeous. Then it was back down to look at the bears in the bear habitat, then grab a beaver tail (like they have on the East coast! Delicious!) before heading back.

My godmother had a tennis lesson and I was hot and feeling the tiredness of my lack of sleep, so instead of getting dropped at the Sky Train, I just took a cab back to my hotel. A little time in the air conditioning did me some good, and I cooled down in the pool even more afterward.  And now, even though it’s not even eight o’clock, I think I’ll put my pyjamas on and crash for the night.  I would like to be well rested for tomorrow. My friend Robyn arrives, and I have plans with my cousin T in the evening.

Good night all, and until tomorrow!

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