Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | March 5, 2017

Another Dam Trip: Entry #8


Things I didn’t see today: conch

Today has been a bit of a blue day for me.  It was a rough night both figuratively and literally, with rocking seas that made it hard for me to fall asleep. My stuffed-up nose has compounded the issue; not only is it hard to breathe, I have apparently been snoring, which keeps DW up. She actually had to wake me up twice to ask me to change the position I was sleeping in.  I didn’t bother falling back asleep after the second time since it was nearly six and I was too afraid that I would be too noisy again.  By the time DW’s alarm went off at seven, the seas were no less rocky either. We waited in bed a while to see if there were any announcements, because it was very windy out and we weren’t sure whether the tenders would be able to get us to Half Moon Cay.  No announcement came right away, though, so we went for breakfast anyway.


Things I didn’t see today: sand

By eight o’clock, the Captain had to make the hard call that there would be no port of call today.  The weather was too rough for the employees to get to the private island of Half Moon Cay to work today, and definitely still too rough for the tenders. No snorkeling. Just wind and clouds and another sea day.  After breakfast, DW and I went upstairs to treat ourselves to a latte, but even that didn’t work out, as the machine was broken.  We went back to the verandah to read for a while, then eventually I went back to the coffee shop to see if the technician had been able to fix the espresso machine.  No luck. I read there for a while, then went back to the room, only to find that DW was in need of it to nap. We have an agreement that we give each other space when we need it, so I just grabbed what I thought I needed for a few hours.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t really feeling like much of anything beyond finding some quiet space in the room myself.  I went in the hot tub by the pool for a while, the one in the inside because there were people using them earlier so I knew I wouldn’t get yelled at.  But the room was stuffy and hot and so loud. Everything was just crowded today, on a day I just wanted the water and the fish.


Things I didn’t see today: fish

After drying off, I walked around to try to find somewhere quiet and less stuffy.  Lots of the doors to the decks were closed off due to high winds, which just made me feel more trapped. Eventually, I made my way up to deck ten via the pool on nine, as the open air wasn’t off limits, just certain exit points.  I was able to push a chair far enough that I could hear just the waves and the boat and not the music and noise of people, which helped put me back in a better headspace. I made my way back to the room to quietly change, though DW was up by then, and then to have tea on the boat. Then it was up to the Crow’s Nest for team trivia. When nothing manifested by four, I pretty much thought that was just how my day was going. Fortunately, I’d ordered a drink, because otherwise I’d have been back in my room by 4:30, which was when trivia actually started.  I’d rushed from tea for no reason, but at least I didn’t miss it. My team didn’t win but we got the most points so far, so that was things looking up. And we all got pins.


Things I didn’t see today: beach

After that, I went back to the room. I didn’t feel like eating yet, so DW and I watched some TV and I packed, which made me feel a little settled even as I’m sad things are over, and without one last day of shore excursions, which I was really looking forward to having.  Then we went to dinner at the Lido instead of in the dining room. It was a good decision, since it was quieter there.

We ended the night by watching the Marriage Game in the Showroom at Sea, which was a really good way to end the day. Like the Newlywed Game, each half of the couple is asked a question while their spouse is in a soundproof area, then they see if they can match. It was very funny.  Highlights?  An older couple who met on e-Harmony only 12 years ago (her daughter convinced her to sign up) had the question “how does she let you know she’s in the mood?”. The husband said she asks if he took his viagra!  DW and I laughed so hard.  I’m glad that’s how our cruise is ending.

I will admit I’m looking forward to having my feet on solid ground for a long time, maybe spending a little more time by the pool at my hotel in Fort Lauderdale (I’m there another two days) without the water crashing and smashing about as the wind blows the boat about.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and the last of my holiday will be restful.

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