Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | March 4, 2017

Another Dam Trip: Entry #7


Stingray hovering happily.

Today was another sea day, so I’m not sure how much I’ll have to say about today. I have picked out a few pictures I’ve taken so far that I like, and I’ll share them with this entry because I like sharing things through my eyes, which includes through my eyes through my camera lens.

DW and I woke up before the alarm this morning, so we spent some time on the verandah reading and enjoying the sun and warmth.  When the wake up alarm did sound, I got out of the way so DW could do her yoga.  It was nice to spend a bit of time before going to breakfast; my stomach takes a little while longer than I do to wake up, so on the days of morning shore excursions I’ve been eating more by rote than because I wanted any of the delicious things available on the ship.


Once DW was done her yoga, we went up to breakfast where we discovered the crepe station. DW had Nutella crepes, while I had a blueberry and whipped cream crepe with a side of bacon. And coffee, of course. That’s the thing that wakes me up most of all.



After breakfast, we went to the Explorations Café for coffee.  They make flat whites here, so that’s what I’ve been indulging in, while DW had a latte. We took our drinks back to the room and headed to the verandah again (and I’ll admit I took some chocolate croissants for a snack later too).  I’ll admit, in addition to reading, DW may have broken out her yoga mat for me.  Not to do yoga, however; I took a nap just out of the sun, there on the floor of the verandah. Just a catnap, but still a little rest, especially since I’d finished my book.

I didn’t have lunch today, as breakfast was late enough and I’d snacked on the croissants when I finished my coffee. It was quite hot by then too, so I doused myself in copious amounts of sunscreen and then grabbed a new book and headed up to get some sun by the pool. I ordered a margarita because vacation, and read until I was too hot and had to take a dip in the pool.  I stayed there a while, then read a little more as I dried off.  I was tempted to stay out even longer, but reminded myself of the wicked sunburns I’d had and returned to the room to take a half hour break from the sun.  I set my timer and everything!  Then I let myself read on the verandah for another little while, though the sun was shining so I did have to be careful again.


Pretty blue fish

Speaking of the verandah, I forgot to mention yesterday that DW had quite the experience on ours yesterday. She was reading on ours, angled to keep the sun from her eyes, when she glanced up and realised that she could see our neighbours reflected in the glass. Our very nude neighbours, as it were, since she had to ask herself “Is he wearing nude-coloured shorts?” followed by a quick “no! NO HE IS NOT”. It was more of a show than we got in Sint Maarten, and the beaches there are topless!


Ships in the harbour

Once my time outside was done, I came in to cool off, then got ready for dinner. It was another gala night.  I got to wear one of my favourite dresses and felt lovely, though I didn’t get a picture and have since dressed down. The food was marvellous as usual.  I had a papaya with a rainbow of fruit to start, followed by what was supposed to be a roast parsnip soup. They brought me the chicken soup instead, and I didn’t want to send it back. It’s good for the remnants of my cold, anyway.  My entrée was veal with mashed potatoes and little balls of zucchini and a little roasted Brussel sprout. For dessert? Flourless chocolate cake. It was all so divine I let myself have a second glass of Prosecco.  Then it was back to the room where we chatted with one of our stewards for a bit as he was still finishing our towel gorilla, hanging from a picture frame at the moment. Then it was more reading on the verandah.  Tomorrow is the last day, with a morning at Half Moon Cay, a private island on the Bahamas. Hopefully it won’t be too windy for our snorkeling excursion. I am hope for one more day of fish pictures!  But whatever tomorrow brings, I’m sure it will be good things. So goodnight until then!

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