Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | March 1, 2017

Another Dam Trip: Entry #4


One of the fish I “caught” with my camera today.

Greetings from somewhere on the ocean, between Grand Turk and San Juan. I’ve had a day of fun in the sun, gotten a little colour on my face, and happily managed to follow my sunscreen and coverage regime closely enough that while I have a patch of pink here and there, so far I’m not lying in bed slathered in aloe and regretting all my life choices.

Today was a shore excursion day, as our boat docked in to Grand Turk sometime around 8:00 a.m. this morning. Of course that doesn’t mean that DW and I were running off the boat at that hour; rather, since our excursion wasn’t set for close to noon, we let ourselves wake up at our own pace (with an alarm for nine, just in case). DW did her morning yoga on our verandah (despite the distractions that come with a docking) while I took the time to shower and dress for the day, plus I moved the beds around.  DW and I have taken to shifting the room a little more at night so the beds are even further apart, in the hopes of sparing her my cold.  It means that there’s less room to navigate between the end of my bed and the closet, so we push things back into place every morning so the stewards aren’t inconvenienced by our eccentricities.

After we were both ready to go, we made our way upstairs for breakfast.  It was still a little too close to wakeup time for me to truly enjoy my eggs, bacon and hash browns, but believe me, food is not lacking on this boat at all.


The bride dances barefoot with her new husband.

After breakfast, we packed our backpacks for the day and sprayed ourselves silly with sunscreen, then disembarked to stroll the beach at the port until our excursion time. The water is so blue, expanses of cerulean that can hardly be believed even when in front of your eyes. The sand was beautiful too, mostly a soft, fine grain that DW compared to baby powder, though every now and again there was a patch of newer sand that was tiny shells beneath our feet. We made our way back to the end of the port to find our shore excursion a bit early, mostly because I was melting and in need of shade. I’m glad we did, because while we were hanging out listening to the live musician, we got to witness a newlywed couple come off the beach from their wedding and spontaneously decide to have their first dance there, to the sound of the musician playing Caribbean songs.


I pet this shark!  I’m very brave!

After that beautiful bit of romance, it was soon time for our Snorkel and Sting Ray excursion. We were on a small tour, only about 20 of us on the boat operated by Chukka Tours.  Our crew was Captain Stumpy (yes, that was embroidered on his shirt, I checked), Romeo and Derek, who took us to a lovely bit of reef where I tried out the underwater capabilities of my camera in something other than a dip below the surface at the Boston Aquarium. I am in need of practice yet, as the screen is hard to see with foggy goggles underwater and my aim is off (I managed a picture of half of DW underwater, for example), but I still got some nice shots and I’m sure more will come.


Me holding up a stingray like a pizza!

Once our time at the reef was over, we made our way from the reef so a small cove with more of that soft sand and plenty of stingrays to play with.  I love the way they feel and how they curl around my feet like curious kittens.  I also got to hold two of them, got a “back massage” from one, and kissed one for a supposed 7 years of good luck.  I still lost the four dollars I played at the slots in the casino tonight, so it remains to be seen whether it will work.  As for being a fool for kissing the ray?  I don’t feel sadly about it, not when DW witness one guide kiss his “little buddy” goodbye and say thank you when he thought no one was watching.  Plus how else is the ray supposed to know I love him?

Once back on the boat, I made my way to trivia again.  I played with one of the couples I’d joined yesterday, and another three people. We didn’t win, but we did do better than yesterday with a total of ten correct.  It was happy hour in the bar, so I tried a Naugh-Tai and got a second for $2.  There was much rum and pineapple juice. It was pretty tasty, and I’m not just saying that because of all the alcohol!


Our towel elephant!

After that, I made my way back to the room to finally shower off some of the salt water.  My hair up so it was hard to tell how bad it was, but I could feel the salt on my skin when I touched my eyebrows.  Fortunately a couple of shampoos and soapings seemed take care of that.  DW wasn’t feeling the dining room tonight so I went on my own and did end up sharing a table. It was neat though, because it was a couple from Indiana and another from Edmonton, which is the closest to home DW and I have ever found on our cruises.  I skipped the drink with dinner this round since I figured the rum I’d had earlier was enough, and had a duck pate for my appetizer and a veal on corn polenta for my entrée. Of course I couldn’t resist the coconut rum cake with coconut ice cream for dessert!  All very delicious.

I meandered my way back to the room via the shops where I picked up insect repellent for tomorrow’s excursion, since they say on the ticket to bring it and better safe than malaria, then through the casino (goodbye, four dollars). Then I sat on the verandah with DW a while, longer than we might normally have because our room time has meant we’ve turned down turn down, and we kind of wanted the extra towels.  Our efforts to stay on the balcony paid off, as we got our towel animal; today, an elephant.  Tomorrow we don’t pull into San Juan until noon, so I suspect it will be a nice leisurely morning for DW and me.  I’m looking forward to another day’s adventures!

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