Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | February 28, 2017

Another Dam Trip: Entry #3

You may have noticed I didn’t post an entry yesterday; I could blame this on my refusal to spring for the internet, but while the expense is playing a role in how I do my blog entries (in Word first, pictures selected and resized in advance, et cetera), I’m afraid yesterday had its own challenges that prevented my writing at all.

Yesterday was our last at the Margaritaville, and the night of sleep was, to say the least.  Since we couldn’t find earplugs for DW, I took a generous dose of Nyquil and tried to keep my coughing down with losanges. Between the lack of sleep from the coughing and medication in my system, I woke up feeling absolutely wretched. Taking a dose of Dayquil to fix it turned out to be a very wrong decision, making me feel anxious and didn’t help with the coughing either. DW ended up going to breakfast without me so I could lie down a bit longer, which helped.  She also brought me a croissant to nibble on, which I wasn’t sure I could manage, but it turned out to be really helpful.  So was the large peppermint tea I picked up at the hotel coffee shop afterward, since it did more in terms of soothing my throat.


Sailing away from Fort Lauderdale!

After killing some time in the lobby, we got a cab and headed for Port Everglades, where the Nieuw Amsterdam was waiting for its guests to board. Thank goodness we took at cab and didn’t try to drive ourselves, as the Port is very large and extremely confusing!  By then, I was feeling much better, though a bit nervous that my persistent cough was going to keep me from sailing.  Since I haven’t had a fever, however, there was no issue. I didn’t even have to see the nurse!  The wait to board was kind of funny, too; we were given a boarding number to go in a group when called, and the attendant kept having to repeat that she was calling “numbers to 28 first, then letters”.  She even sang the alphabet at one point.

Once we boarded, we had some lunch (a bit chaotic, since everyone seems to go right as they board), then DW explored a bit while I started unpacking, since my luggage had arrived first.  Then it was the mandatory safety drill. We did a bit of wandering and I switched out one of my shore excursions as neither my bum ankle nor my poor lungs were proving to be up to the strenuous hike I’d booked, then finished putting my clothes away.  DW wasn’t interested in the dining room dinner, so I pulled on a dress and headed there myself. I got asked at least four times if I was waiting for another party when I was brought to my shared, but at least the table attendant wasn’t trying to make pity conversation to a lone diner, which was DW’s experience.


The blue, blue water.

The dinner company was lovely, as was the food. I had a chilled guava and passionfruit soup, followed by the snapper with a fruit salsa on top, with rice pilaf and corn.  I don’t usually go for fish, but I wanted to try the snapper. It was fairly good, but I couldn’t finish nor could I order dessert, as the waters were fairly choppy and even though I’d taken motion sickness medication before we boarded, it just wasn’t enough to keep me from feeling suddenly queasy.  I tried a little peppermint tea but in the end had to head back to the room to take another Bonine and lie down.  Perhaps it was the pills that may cause drowsiness, perhaps it was the ongoing cold, perhaps it was a combo of the above, but that was my evening from before seven o’clock had even rolled around.  I dozed in my dress in bed before finally changing into pyjamas and calling it a night.

Sleep, however, is a good remedy, because today there’s been some marked improvement.  I’m still coughing but it’s less of a dry, hacking cough (though my ribs are incredibly sore from coughing so hard), and while I did have to contend with some seasickness this morning, after some time on our Verandah keeping an eye on the horizon, I was able to go for a late breakfast with DW. It was a sea day today, and there were some squalls, so I bought myself some sea bands that do acupressure on the wrists, plus some herbal stuff to put behind the ears. I wasn’t taking any risks.  Then DW and I headed back to our balcony to read for a bit.  I also went up alone and participated in the group trivia, and showed myself worthy by knowing the first question right off the bat. They were looking for the book first called “First Impressions”, and this former English major knows it was one of my favourites, Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”.


Signs of an afternoon well spent.

I went back to the room after that, and bumped into DW who was coming back from having grabbed lunch.  We went up to the Lido deck together after changing into swimsuits to sun, and I grabbed a yummy sandwich (portabello with goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, and arugula with garlic aioli) and a dessert (deep fried bananas sprinkled with cinnamon sugar) before finishing my book in the sun. I jumped in the pool even though it was quite windy, which turned out to be a bit cold, so I made my way to a hot tub for a bit, which proved a better decision.  As I was heading back to dry out, the alarm sounded and our mandatory drill listening skills were put to the test. As said in the drill yesterday, incidents are usually contained by the first response team, which was the case here. The captain didn’t have to send us to the staterooms to dress warmly and get our PFDs (stage two) and no one went to the muster station. That didn’t stop our hearts from leaping into our chests at first, but considering the steel drum lessons below us never faltered, we were not too worried. Of course now we have the same song stuck in our heads over and over, but what can you do.

After drying off a bit, DW decided she was up for coming to the dining room even though it was a gala night, so we went to our rooms to change. It turned out to be a pretty awesome decision when we got there and they asked if we wanted to share or sit by ourselves.  We somehow managed to refrain from vigorously high-fiving at that.  I’m sure many guests are lovely, but lovelier is not having to repeat where we are from and what we do for a living ad nauseum, plus there was absolutely no danger of politics coming up.  The dinner was fabulously delicious, too, especially since I didn’t feel awful this time.  For the appetizer course both DW and I had pineapple with toasted coconut and drizzled with honey.  DW ate a salad for the next course, and I had a chicken soup in the hopes of helping get rid of more of this cold. For the main course, DW had a truffle and mushroom risotto while I had the duck with broccoli, fig, and a corn-cranberry pudding.  Amazing.  Even more amazing? Making it to the dessert course, where we both had the lemon meringue cheesecake.


Sunset with a whisper of moon and a shining star (or Venus, probably).

After dinner, we changed into warmer clothes to catch the last of the sunset on the deck. It took some manoeuvring; you’d think after three cruises, DW or I would have a better idea of where we were going, but you’d think wrong. We went up first, then realised all the restaurants were in the prime sunset spots, went down to four only to realise that three – the place we’d done our emergency drill – was the one we wanted to be on. We got some nice photos before heading back inside out of the wind.  Neither DW nor I was interested in the shows or other goings on tonight, so we’ve called it a night. Tomorrow is a day off ship and a snorkel adventure. I’m looking forward to trying my camera out underwater and getting some (hopefully) good shots to share tomorrow!  Until then!

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