Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | February 26, 2017

Another Dam Trip: Entry #2

Today started out a bit roughly, though it turned out with good outweighing the bad.  I’m suffering the tail end of a cold, and while I’m feeling much improved in the long run, the hacking cough is lingering.Despite Buckley’s pills, the chest-shaking cough has been waking me up at night. Worst yet, it kept DW up as well. I’ve purchased more cough drops and liquid NyQuil, which has a history of working better for me, so hopefully tonight will be more restful for the both of us.


This bird hung out with us at breakfast. As per the sign, we did not feed him. The delightful baby seated next to us, however, is another story.

Despite the rough morning, DW and I still felt like each other’s company for breakfast, albeit a bit later than originally planned for, and this turned out to be an excellent choice.  We went to a place called Giorgio’s, which has a sit-down breakfast as well as an attached bakery. DW and I both had the veggie omelettes, which came with a delicious roll. Also there was fresh-squeezed orange juice, which is leaps and bounds ahead of anything in the grocery store at home. Florida really knows what it is doing when it comes to orange juice.

After breakfast, we decided to make it a beach day. DW and I put on our swimsuits and grabbed our sunscreen and books and made our way to the activities desk at the hotel, where we picked up beach towels – two each! – and got wrist bands to get our beach chairs.  The most exciting part? They came with an umbrella, which meant I had shade from the sun in between bouts in the ocean. Considering how badly I burn despite my stringent sunscreen regime, this made me very happy.  We spent the day getting warm in the sun, then cooling off in the ocean.  Also, there may have been a Ben and Jerry’s break.  My waffle cone was dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and the Tonight Dough I chose as my flavour was an excellent one. I regret nothing, not even how fast I had to eat it because of the melt factor.


Sun, sand and surf – an excellent way to spend an afternoon!

It was a bit windy in the later afternoon, though I still decided to go in the ocean with my waterproof camera to get some photos. I did get some nice ones of the beach, but I also got a nose full of salt water distracted by picture taking. I tried to get a picture of my feet underwater but the water was fairly churned up and it looked like nothing.  After that dip, with the sky a bit overcast and the wind going, plus my book read cover to cover, I decided to head inside to wash the salt water out of my hair and off my skin.  Then I chilled in the room until DW got chilled enough to come in too; having smartly decided not to venture in a third time, she was good to stay on the beach longer than me.


The sunset view from our balcony.

We both read in the room for a bit after that, before heading back down the Broadwalk to the Taco Spot for dinner again.  Normally I don’t like eating at the same place twice in a row, but we knew it was good and had an excellent selection of vegetarian fare for DW. It did not disappoint. My white wine sangria was even yummier than yesterday (likely because there was even more melon in it), and this time we both ordered a taco combo.  It came with two tacos (chicken for me, bean for DW), rice and black beans, and a side of the most delicious corn on the cob I have ever eaten. There was not just butter on it, but parmesan cheese, pepper and salt, cilantro, and maybe garlic. I’m not quite sure of anything other than how incredibly happy it made me to eat it.

Tomorrow, we head out to the Port to get on our boat. It’s crept up so quickly, I feel almost nervous!  Hopefully with the NyQuil, both DW and I will get a good rest and I’ll be in even better shape tomorrow to enjoy everything. I don’t have chills or any symptoms beyond the irritated throat and lungs, but I sound like a barking seal, and that’s no good for anyone. So NyQuil, NyQuil, NyQuil and probably more fresh-squeezed orange juice for the vitamin C tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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