Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 22, 2016

A Long Overdue Adventure: #8


Terry and I sun by the pool.

Far too quickly it always seems, my vacation is coming to a close. I’ve logged in to WestJet and checked in and paid for my bag. I’ll be checking out of the hotel tomorrow and heading to the airport even though my plane doesn’t leave until 4 o’clock, because there’s not quite enough time after check out to do anything, and I think I can get a mani or a massage at the airport. At the very least, I can wander about the shops and read.

Today was a wonderful day, spent mostly with my cousins. I slept in a little, then my cousin Terry brought me a cold brew coffee and a breakfast sandwich and we lounged by the pool a bit. It wasn’t nearly as hot today as yesterday, so we didn’t swim, but it was nice enough to read in the sun and just feel relaxed and cozy.

Terry’s sister K and little G were joining us at Terry’s place to hang out in the backyard, so we headed in that direction, stopping to pick up some Prosecco and some snacks on the way, the latter at Whole Foods. Terry had to self-identify as her mother’s daughter when we got a bit caught up chatting with a woman selling coffee from Columbia, where she used to live.  I mentioned I’d been to Cartagena on a cruise and that the country was beautiful, but that somehow morphed into a long conversation. Even though it was very interesting, I had to remind Terry she had people waiting for her outside at her home!


People fish for crab and such at the beach!

Once there, we had a little bit of lunch, mostly for G’s sake. She’s having a bit of difficulty with food at the moment – things taste different because of the chemotherapy (not cancer but similar treatment needed) among other things – so taking time to eat is important. After that, we packed up and went to Barnet Beach, where we could spend some time in the sun (which did eventually return!) and Terry’s dog could play off leash in the water. And where I could explore the rocks, nooks and cranny’s looking for starfish. Which we did find – K especially had a good eye for them!

I also had to toss my shoes, since I ended up wearing them in the water. They were pretty worn down to begin with, but they were toast once had to rinse them in the water. I wish I thought to pack flip flops, but alas, I didn’t. Oh well. They were pretty ratty anyway (a hole had rubbed on the top of the leather of one shoe – not something that could be repaired) and I think my mother will be glad to hear I finally binned them.


Terry and I sun by the pool.

After poking around on the beach for a while, we went back to the car to drive to Terry’s for dinner. One of the highlights was the carpool karaoke we had going on – I have to say, we are some pretty talented ladies. All four of us – even little G – can more than carry a tune in a bucket. It also seems like we know all the words to Adele’s “Hello” as well.


My beautiful family!

Dinner was homemade pizza – individuals we made on our own – with us gals and Terry’s boyfriend (who was doing errands for his family today and couldn’t join us). It was delicious and good, and just so nice to spend time with my cousins, cooking and dancing and singing and just generally enjoying each other’s presence. And now I’m back in my hotel room, soon to call it a night and too soon to call it a holiday. Hopefully my next one won’t take quite as long in between. I needed this break far too much, and I’ve missed going to new places. I’ll be glad to do it again as soon as possible.  Until my next trip!


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