Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 21, 2016

A Long Overdue Adventure: #7

I’ve hit the slow down part of my vacation, if you can’t tell already – slow enough that I didn’t get around to writing out my day last night. It was, I’ll admit, in part because the wifi has been spotty and between that and the heat, I wasn’t up to thinking enough to write. So this morning while I have my coffee it is!


The hot weather trend continued yesterday, reaching 31 degrees celsius at one point. It’s the kind of heat that makes me lazy and languid, so it is a good thing I’m on holidays. I once again pulled clothes on before showering to have breakfast, then when I was done I came back to grab my book and put my swimsuit on to read by the pool.  I remembered to put my sunscreen on a good 15 minutes before this time, so I could stay out longer.

My cousin and I had plans for the afternoon and she texted to say she was running late, so  I spent some extra time outside, getting some colour (and for once one that isn’t lobster red) and reading my book.  “Uprooted” was fantastic and I’m so, so glad I brought it with me on my holiday. It’s the kind of book that, for me at least, settles in under the skin so you both never want it to end and can’t wait to find out what happens.


My sangria, both beautiful and delicious.

After that, my cousin picked me up at one and drove me into Port Moody to have lunch.  It was at a place called The Brew Kitchen and their food was fantastic.  Terry and I split some garlic fries while we had mimosas – and excellent once, with the right strength of good orange juice but not so overpowering you miss the bubbles – and then I had a chicken and brie sandwich (with a sort of cranberry bread, yum!). I should have had the salad instead of yam fries, but I couldn’t resist. I also had a sangria and it was a thing of beauty. They do both red and white sangria and when I chose white, I had the option of peach or mango. I went with mango. It had a flower in it when it came!  Excellent food and presentation.

Post lunch, Terry and I decided to ignore the fact we were stuffed to the gills and went to find gelato. We did a little shopping in some of the cute Port Moody stores – it’s like a little seaside town, only not too little because it is attached to Vancouver but much quieter, likely because everyone was at the beach. Then we had delicious gelato at a cute little shop that also did chocolate and macarons and was just adorable.


A view of the wooden roller coaster from the road!

We skipped the beach yesterday as we might go today with K and G, and instead Terry took me to Commercial Street, which is sort of the trendy area of Vancouver.  We passed Playland on the way, which does rides if you like those. The lines were insane because it is the high season, but I think it would be fun to go on some of them.  There’s a wooden roller coaster, even! (Though I’ll admit I’m more likely to go on the kiddie rides, as I’m a chicken who gets motion sickness.)

Now I’ve spent some time in Vancouver and like doing things like going to Stanley Park and the Aquarium, but it was really neat to go somewhere new. Commercial Street is in Little Italy, essentially, and I definitely have to come back when I’m not hot and wilting, because while I did a little shopping, I just didn’t have it in me to drift around there much. Basically, I was dehydrated and wilting, so Terry kindly took me back to my hotel. We passed some restaurants I’d like to try on the way back, too. One was called Marcello’s, and it does wood-fired pizza, which I’d love to compare to my Rome experience. The other one is called Lombardo’s. Apparently a husband and wife team used to run Marcello’s together, and then they split up and now both have Italian restaurants practically across the street from one another.  I skipped dinner as well – between all the food and the late lunch and the heat, the idea of more food, even a home-cooked meal with Terry, was too much. Instead, I cooled down in my room (too many people at the pool and noisy kids), finished my book, and basically took back space.

Today is another family day, and one that promises to be more forgiving (up to 21-21 degrees celsius according to my phone). Terry is going to join me to take advantage of the hotel pool in a bit (though it might be less required given today’s temperature is less) then hopefully beach and definitely some relaxing!





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