Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 19, 2016

A Long Overdue Adventure: #5

So I don’t have a whole lot to write about today, as I am now moving into the second phase of my holiday. A little less adventure, a bit more relaxation. I’m not sure what I will get up to over the next few days in Vancouver – a little shopping, perhaps, and definitely some family time, but I don’t know offhand how much exploring I’ll do and how much time I’ll spend sleeping and reading and generally just taking a breather.


Sights from the train!

I started my day in Seattle, bright and early, heading to the train station before 6:30 a.m. The coffee shop off the lobby didn’t open until 6:30, sadly; I would have enjoyed one last Madrid Latte. Checking into the train was pretty easy, and I didn’t have to do customs until back in Canada.  I made friends with a woman in line (K) and we ended up sitting together on the train (going up to get seats assigned at the same time so we could do so). I am glad because she was very nice, I could give her some suggestions for her Vancouver time (she was from California) and it was good to have company that I felt comfortable with as a woman travelling alone.  We also got seaside seats this time, so that was nice.


More sights from the train.

On the way to Seattle, I travelled business class and in coach on the way back, and I can tell you right now that, on this journey at least, there isn’t enough difference to warrant paying for business class. The seats were pretty much the exact same size (in fact, I think it just had a wider aisle), you are closer to the dining cart and you get through the line more quickly, but that’s about it. Except the voucher for the food car – which is $3 US worth. Basically, save your pennies and go coach. Just as comfy.

Once in Vancouver, I taxied to my Burnaby hotel.  In some ways, it is the opposite of the first Vancouver hotel I stayed in.  It is the Best Western Plus Kings Conference Hotel, and it is undergoing some construction, so it looks a little sketchy on the outside, with some of the buildings cordoned off. There is no construction noise, however, and the room I have is wonderful – clean and quiet, with a king-sized bed and a bathroom that is in much, much better shape than the City Centre one. After I checked in, I hung out in the laundry room a bit to do a load of laundry so I had shorts and light shirts that hadn’t been spilled on or gotten sweaty from all the heat and walking once again.

After that, I took a dip in the outdoor pool, then read and dried off in the sun. That’s right – there’s a small outdoor pool here equipped with tables and towels and umbrellas. I’d have stayed out longer but it is a small area and there were kids playing, one of whom was quiet and the other who was noisy and whining at her grandma to play at her loudly and generally reminding me why my cruise with DW in February includes staying at a hotel with an adults-only pool beforehand.


All made up for dinner, since my nice clothes were once again clean.

After that, I came back to the room to shower and chill for a bit, before my godmother swung by to take me out to dinner. It was just her and I at the Cactus Club, and it was a great visit. I’m so glad our travelling schedules overlapped – she heads to the States with her family tomorrow evening, so we almost missed one another! The food was fantastic, too.  I had a cajun chicken fajita and sangria, and she had steak with truffle fries she shared. I had had truffle fries before and didn’t think they were as big a deal as they were made out to be. Well let me tell you – I get it now. The Cactus Club also gets it. They were so delicious – just perfectly oiled and salted. I think the other places skimp on the truffle oil, because they were a far, far cry from what I’d had in at least two different places before.  10 out of 10 I recommend.

After that, it was back to the hotel, stuffed and sated and full of love. I was so nice to catch up with my godmother, whom I hadn’t seen since I headed to Australia nearly two years ago, and just visit and have a good time. But now I’m fairly tired and ready to call it a night in my quiet, comfy room. I’ll leave the rest of the adventuring to my dreams for tonight!

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