Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 18, 2016

A Long Overdue Adventure: #4

What a wonderful, wonderful day, and what a spectacular way to close out my time in Seattle, as I am set to take a 7:45 train back to Vancouver tomorrow morning.  This blog is going to be a bit heavy on the images and light on words, because I am a tired kitten and feeling a bit like I’m still on the boat.

After Robyn got back from her water taxi adventure, we decided we were too tired to dress up and instead went to Japonessa, a sushi place, a little underdressed in our distressed jean shorts and low key shirts. They didn’t seem to care, though, as we were easily let in to a little table in the corner.  I was pretty tired I honestly couldn’t make much sense of words, so the vast menu was a bit of a challenge. Instead of just ordering a couple of rolls, Robyn and I decided to share edamame and a $60 plate of the chef’s selection, as it guaranteed us a mix of nigiri and sashimi. (I love them both and we didn’t want to pick.)


All the nigiri had wasabi between the rice and the fish, which I found dampened the experience a bit.  I don’t mind wasabi, but I really wanted to experience the fish. I did, however, get to try uni (that is, sea urchin) for the first time.  It’s very crisp. Robyn loves it, but I can take it or leave it. Was definitely neat to know I tried something new, though!

Robyn left this morning, back to the airport via public transportation (she’s so good at navigation!) and then onward back to Yellowknife, while I had booked a tour to see whales via Viator. Excellent, excellent decision.  The company is the Victoria Clipper (though my boat was a San Juan clipper for the islands it goes through), who ferries you on to Friday Harbour with a naturalist on board, and they stop for wildlife viewing even when it isn’t officially the whale watching part. For example? We slowed down for porpoises and a humpback whale on the way!


I took this photo on porpoise. 😀


Alas, I do not have a zoom lens. This is the best humpback pic I managed.

The naturalist also gives an excellent amount of information – that is, you get a lot of interesting facts, but it isn’t talking, talking, talking all the time. Once at Friday Harbour, you can disembark and spend the day there or, if you booked whale watching like I did, you stay on the boat and they find out from other boats and shore watches where the orcas might be. We actually ended up crossing the border into Canada to see them, but we saw a whole bunch of orcas.  There are three pods that frequent the area, and we saw some of two of them (Jpod and Kpod) swimming together, including J2 (nicknamed “Granny”) with her sons. Granny is about 105 years old, apparently! Markings are distinct, so they can tell which whale is which. One Lpod whale was also in the group of swimmers.




After that, we stopped in Friday Harbour for just over an hour. It was hot and I didn’t feel like doing much shopping, so after drifting through a few stores, I found a place where I could buy ice cream and got myself a blackberry ice cream in a waffle cone. Delicious!


Then it was back on the boat for the 2.5 hour ferry back to Seattle, where I got to go on the bow and have an up close look at sea lions – so close we could hear them growling at each other like a bunch of Wookies! Then it was back to Seattle, where I’m in for the night.  Tomorrow is up early. Wish me luck – I am not overly fond of morning!


Beautiful Seattle skyline just before sunset. Good night!



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