Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | August 16, 2016

A Long Overdue Adventure: #2

Apologies in advance if some of this is a little incoherent – it has been a day crammed full of exploring on not much sleep, and it is definitely beginning to show in my ability to form words – that is, in my inability to form words.


In which there are firetrucks outside our hotel. Fortunately, no fires in it.

Things got a little interesting last night once I’d signed off. I’m not sure whether it was an actual fire or a false alarm in the building next door, but as Robyn was texting me that she was arriving and getting on the train to come to the hotel, fire engines (yes, plural) were pulling up below us on the street.  Out in the hall, you could hear the fire alarm blaring from the building next door, but fortunately we didn’t have to leave. Instead, I chilled out for a bit while Robyn made her way over on public transit, which she did masterfully.

Once here, she unloaded, checked out the place a little, then we went downstairs to ask for dinner recommendations, since it was already 9 pm on a Sunday night.  The two guys at the front desk were very helpful, but definitely young guys likely on a student budget, because we shot down their first two ideas – the Vietnamese place on the corner (which might be glorious, but we actually have two Vietnamese restaurants in Yellowknife) and than a place where you buy pizza by the slice. The third place is a place called The List, and apparently they had Sunday deals. We decided to give it a shot since it wasn’t far and they recommended the gnocchi, which we were amenable to eating. It was a fantastic recommending – we got a seat outside, split a bottle of wine on special for $15, the waitress  IDed us (we are two women in our thirties!), and the menu for appies was half price. We got salads (a salad with pear for Robyn, the house, I think, for me) and the recommended gnocchi, which was cooked with black truffle oil. Extremely good food and service, and the price was excellent.

After that, it was back to the Moore. The “no air conditioner” thing is a little difficult, I’ll admit. The room was a bit stifling from the day and the little fan can only do so much, even with the window wide open.  (Today, in fact, housekeeping closed the window and we just noticed, so we’ve left our room door open and the window open to get the place a bit cooler.) I think it is definitely a great location and a great price, but maybe next time I’ll time it a little later in the season, a cooler fall trip for this overheated Canadian. We’ve also chosen the European style, so there is a sink in the room but we share a bathroom down the hall.  A bit different than I’m used to from hotels, but very, very worth it for the price.


Adorable latte art bears.

This morning, we grabbed coffee just downstairs, where they had something called a Madrid Latte. It was delicious – and since Robyn has been to Spain, she confirmed that it does taste delicious like she’s had there. The barista, as well, is an artist. The foam art was spectacular. With our coffee’s, we went to Pike’s Place Market, just a hop, skip and jump from the Moore.



Fish throwing at Pike’s Place Market.

Since we’d made our way out early, we learned pretty quickly that most of the stores in the market open later in the day – at nine, ten, or even eleven in the morning. We did get to see the fish throwing, though (or crab, I think, in this case), so that was pretty awesome. Then we found a little Bavarian deli to have breakfast. I had a “usual”; eggs, sausage, thick cut bacon, bread, and fried potatoes. Robyn had a charcuterie plate.  Both came with bread and neither of us could finish – we easily could have split the charcuterie plate. Very economical, very delicious.


Just one example of the incredible wearable art exhibit in the EMP museum.

Post-breakfast, we left the market in favour of going to the EMP museum.  It was an excellent way to spend the morning. There is so much to see and do, we didn’t even get through it all. Like when I visited the Louvre with my dad, at a certain point, it was sensory overload. As it was, I think we spent nearly three hours exploring. The Star Wars exhibit was fantastic, and I loved the different universes as well. The wearable art was a total highlight – such incredible work.  The detail on some of the clothing was phenomenal.  I highly recommend going.

Once we’d finished up our EMP experience, we walked to the Space Needle, as we’d planned to go up. The line, however, was insanely long and neither of us was super keen on going up – it’s a neat view, I’m sure, but I’ve been up the CN Tower and that tall skyscraper in Melbourne, and at some point being in a super tall building having a drink is just that. Instead, we took a bus back near the hotel so we could find a little nail place to have an impromptu pedicure, especially since our feet were sore. I also got a manicure just because the price was right. It wasn’t the fanciest I’ve ever had done, but it was a steal at $39 for the mani and the pedi, even when factoring in the terrible Canadian dollar.


The incredible view from a super giant ferris wheel. 10/10, would recommend.

After that, we walked back to the market. It was insane crowded. We did do a bit of shopping, then went to a place called Copabana so we could have a light lunch.  We had small salads (which were a decent size) and beer (Robyn) and sangria (me). After that, we both agreed the market was a bit crowded and busy for us and we’d go brave the giant ferris wheel on the waterfront.  I was worried I’d be scared (I was on the one in Edinburgh) but it was actually lovely and peaceful and with such an incredible view. We were then planning on walking back to the hotel for a break before dinner, a few hours of downtime, but then we passed a Macy’s and since Robyn had never been… Well, we dropped more than a few dollars and killed some more time, let’s just say. And also my feet. It was seven by the time we made it back to the hotel, and we did break a bit before changing for dinner.


Beautiful dinner at the Palomino. We wish there was a fridge in the room so we could have taken the leftovers back!

We ate at a place called the Palomino. It is in a mall, but doesn’t look like a mall restaurant, with it’s high ceilings and marble tables. They do lovely flatbread pizzas, which Robyn and I both had versions of – hers one with spicy tomato, and mine the special with salted pork belly, artichoke and cartelized onion, and we both had it “insalata” at my suggestion, which means greens and a balsamic drizzle on top. Super delicious.

On the way home, we stopped in a Walgreens. I need lotion for my poor, hot sore feet, and Robyn has a healing tattoo she needed cream for (we were stopped several times for compliments to it – the artist did excellent work. I also grabbed a sleep aid, which should hopefully help me get to sleep. I’m struggling a bit with the heat and turning my brain off, and I want to be pleasant tomorrow. We’re going on a wine and waterfalls tour, and there’s a chocolate stop as well. I am very looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure – and certainly glad there should be a little less time on foot. We were out and about more than twelve hours today with very little sitting time, even counting the pedicure and manicure time. My poor tootsies! But they can rest for a few solid hours tonight, hopefully, and tomorrow I’ll try to treat them a little better. Until then!







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