Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | April 21, 2014

April in Alberta: A Whirlwind Weekend #2

Well, my whirlwind is already over.  Sunday was mostly a family day.  After the kids got finished their Easter Egg hunt (treasures left by the “Easter Pig” as they call it in my cousin’s household), we got ready for church.  I don’t go as often as I should (and probably not as often as my parents would like), but  I am more than a Christmas and Easter attendee, and so definitely made it out for Easter Sunday.  There was no Sunday school during church, but there was a baptism and lots of songs, so it was longer service. This was a little hard on the kids – the one year old didn’t want to stay still for the whole service, and the four year old, in addition to being wriggly, had a mini meltdown when the chocolate he’d eaten instead of breakfast wore off.

Playing outside at my grandma's house!

Playing outside at my grandma’s house!

After church, we had lunch wraps made from the leftover stir fry I’d made Friday night.  I’d never thought to make wraps with leftover stir fry, an idea courtesy of my cousin’s husband. It was really good, which made me especially happy. I love stir fry with lots of veggie, but I rarely eat it, because I have so many leftovers which go soggy and get thrown out fairly quickly. Now I can make it more often without being wasteful.

After lunch, it was nap time for the one year old, while my cousin’s husband “rested his eyes” upstairs while the four year old watched Bubble Guppies on the iPad. I’m not sure what Bubble Guppies is, but I’m very glad I didn’t have to watch it. That left my cousin and I some downtime to chat and chill.

At about half past three o’clock, the kids started stirring, and I decided to get a head start to Grandma’s since the nap time lasted long and I still needed a little me time. I blasted some music in my Kia (Optima, I looked it up just before I headed to the airport) and sang along while I made the half hour trip from Leduc to Wetaskiwin.  It’s one of the things I don’t get to enjoy a lot in Yellowknife, because there are not really many “short road trip” options.

Dinner at Grandma’s was great, as grandma food always is.  We had ham (“the Easter Pig”) with homemade strawberry glaze, boiled cabbage, Brussell sprouts, broccoli salad, coleslaw, carrots, corn, scalloped potatoes, and biscuits. This was a simple dinner for our family, according to my Grandma: since we were only 16 people (it’s usually over 30 people even though more than half can never make it at the same time- we are a big family), she didn’t make us much. Believe me, it was both plenty and delicious.  Especially since I sometimes eat toast or cereal for dinner, since I live alone and cannot be bothered to do more.  We also had sundaes for dessert.  Delicious.

My auntie L. sewed us all little bunny bags for treats!

My auntie L. sewed us all little bunny bags for treats!

I visited with the multitude of aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousin’s children that made it to the event between dinner and dessert. It was so nice outside, the younger crowd (from 30-something down to the toddlers) made our way outside, where the older ones chatted and watched the wee ones blow bubbles, draw on the brick path with chalk, and run around. I’ll admit, I mostly let the others do that while I drank tea.  It got a little chilly and I ended up having to put on my coat, but that’s probably partly because I was in a dress.

After dinner, I went back to my cousins to pack, which I managed to finish before my cousin and her crew made it home.  Once the kids got to bed, my cousin and I had the leftover sparkling wine before I had to hit the hay.  I got up this morning early so I could meet J. and the Bug for breakfast before I headed to the airport. J. was kind enough to drive out to Leduc for breakfast, since driving into the city then back to the airport for my morning flight was a bit of a crunch, and after my experience on the way TO Edmonton, I don’t think I would have made it without my own mini meltdown.  We met at the Cora, which is a chain I just love.  I was glad to learn they had one in Leduc – I’ll definitely eat there again!

After a visit that was too short (as they always are), I made my way to drop off my rental. My drop off went smoothly, as did my baggage drop off (I’d checked in the night before), and I even passed quickly through security. It gave me time to decide against another Booster Juice since I’d just have breakfast and swing into Starbucks for a Cinnamon Dolce Latte.  I also managed to peek in the Indigo, though it is really small now in the airport, so I just went to my gate to read one of the books I’d hauled all the way with me.  (I finished two this trip – I brought six, which was mostly wishful thinking.)  My brother picked me up after an uneventful flight and after a quick pop in to see the adorable nephew then a nip to the grocery store so I could eat something other than cereal for dinner.  Now I’m washing my new sheets so I test them out, in that odd phase of wishing my trip had been longer, but feeling glad to be home.  Until next time!

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