Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 17, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Days #8 and #9

The lovely Terrace Beach Resort. I miss it already!

The lovely Terrace Beach Resort. I miss it already!

My girls’ trip is coming to a close, and I wanted to write one last entry before I head back to the cold and snow tomorrow.  I didn’t have time to write this morning, as we had to pack into the car and hit the road for the ferry in Nanaimo, so I’m putting the last two days of travel together in one entry.  It makes sense, since I didn’t get up to as much.

As nice as the day was on Thursday, yesterday was totally different. It rained, and quite hard.  I like the rain, and it made for a nice relaxed day, both for myself and for the baby.  After her breakfast, she tired herself out rather quickly, so most of the morning she napped and BFF and I just hung out and read or surfed the internet while we listened to the rain hit the ceiling.  I stayed cuddled in bed for much of the morning, with my hot coffee (complimentary at the Terrace Beach Resort) and my leftover chocolate. We also dined on leftovers for lunch – the pasta from the night before.

I’d also called the Nurture Day Spa while Miss P. slept, and we were very lucky to find out that they could squeeze both BFF and I in for appointments despite the short notice (thank you, storm season, for meaning quieter spas with room for me). I hung out in the lobby with Miss P. while BFF, who has scoliosis that was bad to begin with and worsened after pregnancy, got a much needed massage. Miss P. was content for about half of it, then got tired again.  

Of course, I’d nearly gotten her to go down for a nap when someone came into the spa, and my hard work was for nought, but I managed to keep her more or less entertained with the help of the customer (who brought in her own little guy) for the last bit.  BFF then took off

Taking shelter from the rain after a little walk while we waited for spa appointments.

Taking shelter from the rain after a little walk while we waited for spa appointments.

with Miss P. and I waited in the lobby for another hour until my own appointment, by choice. I love Miss P., but I really, really needed a break and some quiet time.  I curled up in the very comfy chair, read and listened to soft music, and sipped my tea.  The therapist even brought out snacks for me and another lady who was waiting on a later appointment while her friends had their massages and facials. I chatted a bit with the other lady, who was also on a girls’ trip, leaving partners and kids at home.  We exchanged some tips about the area until our turn came up.

My therapist (I’m not entirely sure if her name was Jodine or Jolene, and was too embarrassed to clarify) was fantastic. I couldn’t get in for a full facial and a massage at short notice, but she customized the service so I could get exactly what I wanted and needed.  The treatment was fantastic, the service was fantastic, my skin felt fantastic… you get the picture.  I highly recommend going there.  I felt like a million dollars walking out of there, and not just because I’d spent a few hours by myself. It was just the kind of recharging I needed.

BFF came to pick me up, and we went to a little restaurant called Roman’s, which our massage therapist had recommended.  The food was very good, as promised, but I’m pretty sure the waiter forgot to put our order in as it took awhile he came back to tell us they were “just plating our food” even though it didn’t come for another 10 minutes after that.  I think that is pretty much restaurant code for “crap, forgot them, better cover”.  The food was good, as I said; even though I’m not a huge fan of fish, I’d ordered the ocean duo anyway, since you can’t get fish any fresher than right off the ocean, and it was quite delicious.  The duo includes an almond crusted cod fillet and a maple soya glazed cut of salmon, with potatoes or rice (I chose the fragrant and yummy rice) and seasonal veggies.  BFF had lamb shank, and she says it was very tasty and incredibly reasonably priced for lamb.

Heading to the harbour in Vancouver, our trip nearly done.  Sad face!

Heading to the harbour in Vancouver, our trip nearly done. Sad face!

After dinner, we did our usual baby-to-bed-then-hot-tub routine, with a little packing thrown in for good measure.  Then it was lights out for a hopefully early start this morning. We wanted to leave around 8 o’clock, but it took us a little longer to get Miss P. going, and packing and cleaning around a clingy baby is hard.  Still, we managed to hit the road before 9 o’clock, and stop in the Tim Horton’s in Port Alberni so BFF and I could get breakfast and Miss P. could have her snack.  We made it to Nanaimo in time to stop at a Staples and replace electronic-type things that had given up the ghost (my Macbook cord and USB cord both didn’t travel well and broke open and frayed, and I also lost a piece of my iPhone case somewhere on the beach) or got left behind (BFF has been borrowing my headphones as hers are somewhere in an Air Canada seat).  We still managed to make the 12:45 ferry with time to spare.  

It was a nice stretch from Duke Point to the same terminal we departed from, which meant Miss P. got playtime and getting her back into the car went easily.  Despite taking on all the driving today, BFF only missed one turn (she did what I always do and jumped the gun on an exit instead of trusting the GPS) and we made it back to our hotel (the Coast Airport Vancouver Hotel), returned our rental car, and ate dinner at the the White Spot. We are now mostly ready to go (I hope my suitcase vs carryon balancing worked!), and are hopefully up to tomorrow’s flight. We were originally supposed to fly to Calgary, then from there to Yellowknife to get in at 7:30 pm, but the Calgary-Yellowknife middle flight was cancelled, so we’ll be camping out in the Calgary airport for a few hours before we can go to Yellowknife for a flight arriving at midnight.  So if you happen to be on a flight with a crying Miss P., you can thank Air Canada for that one, fellow passengers.  In any case, that wraps up this journey’s entries for me.  The next trip may be a ways away (though who knows what adventures life might throw in my direction), but I’ll be sure to write about it then!

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