Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 13, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Day #5

Someone gets to have this view from their backyard.  I wish it was me!

Someone gets to have this view from their backyard. I wish it was me!

Well, yesterday was a great day, despite a headache that just wouldn’t quite go away, even though I did remember to bring the heavy duty Tylenol. I’m not sure why I had such a bad tension headache: too much time in car and airplane seats, different beds almost every night, and even the weather could all have contributed, and it happens at home as much as on holiday, so what can one do.

In any case, I started the morning with my coffee and blog while BFF fed Miss P. and then went for a morning walk so I could have some quiet time to get ready and just have some space.  I had a leisurely shower in the enormous bathroom with a cathedral ceiling, then got dressed. In addition to the shower, there’s a very deep jet tub that I might try out this morning.  It’s super hilarious to see the baby in the tub, sitting way at the bottom.

A little taste of our walk to town!

A little taste of our walk to town!

After BFF and Miss P. returned, we waited until Miss P. woke up from her nap and had a snack, then decided we would take today to explore Ucluelet.  We loaded Miss P. into the stroller and then began our walk to town.  It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the resort to the little main shopping area of Ucluelet. Longer, however, when the baby surreptitiously pulls off her soother strap and throws the soother and you have to go back for it.

We made our way to the harbour to see if there were any waterfront restaurants but we couldn’t find one where we thought one should be, so we walked back up the hill and found a great little place called the Blue Room.  It looked like lots of locals were eating there, which is always a good sign. I tried out their Ukee wrap, which had smoked salmon and shrimp (even though I’m not normally a huge fan of shrimp) because when in Ukee… I also had their yam fries, so I should really shake things up a little more in future.


Little Miss P. gets to explore the aquarium and feel a starfish.  This one is growing new arms.

Little Miss P. gets to explore the aquarium and feel a starfish. This one is growing new arms.

After lunch, we wandered around the little shops some more.  BFF bought some great art at this little artisans shop, while I picked up a cute pair of earrings.  We also found this fantastic little apparel store, where they do their own silk screening. They do the shirts and stuff for both Tofino and Ucluelet, and while they have a few touristy designs, most of it is actually pretty cool.  A little punk rock style for this little surfing town.

After shopping, we hit the Ucluelet aquarium, just in time to escape a switch from a light drizzle to a complete downpour. The aquarium is really neat – it’s a catch and release aquarium. Staffed by marine biologists, at the beginning of the season, they collect from the area, and at the end of the season, everything will go back in the ocean.  Some of the tanks are just for observation, but they have a bunch of tanks that you can handle the marine life.  The water is very cold – ocean temperature – but I still spent a lot of time with my hands in the tanks, picking up starfish and petting the sea cucumber.  Even little Miss P. got to touch some starfish.

Where all my evenings here shall be spent.

Where all my evenings here shall be spent.

After the aquarium, we walked home.  Miss P. was uncooperative and didn’t nap on the walk home, but she did nap when we got back to Terrace Beach. After the nap, I started making dinner. I made baked potato and steak on the barbecue.  BFF had to microwave hers a little since I made it a little too rare for her taste, but mine was delightfully red.  It’s a bit weird, but the older I get, the more rare I seem to like my meat.  We also had salad and more of the delicious bread from the market.

After dinner and a bit of playing, Miss P. was supposed to go to bed so Mommy and Auntie could get in the hot tub after a long day of walking and baby-entertaining and carrying.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t as cooperative as we’d have liked.  She’s teething, which makes her extra clingy. It took more than an hour and a half for BFF to get her down, so I spent some time soaking by myself after doing the dishes and cleaning up after Miss P.’s dinner. Finally, BFF was able to come down close to nine o’clock. We ate chocolate ice cream in the hot tub and enjoyed the rest of our evening before coming into to bed.  Today, we’re going to make Miss P. brave the car again and hit Tofino for the day. Travelling with a baby is hard!

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