Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 11, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Day # 3

The scenery in Courtenay and Comox is just spectacular.  It feeds the soul.

The scenery in Courtenay and Comox is just spectacular. It feeds the soul.

It is morning here in Courtenay, BC, and my aunt and I are up working on our computers while the boys (my cousin, my uncle, and even my aunt’s dog) use the weekend properly and sleep in.  I’m too excited to sleep.  Today, BFF and I will go on to Ucluelet, and yesterday I got a nice little taste of Courtenay and Comox.

We got up in the morning to attend church. At home, I attend the Lutheran church (though not nearly as often as I should, though I’m not quite a Christmas and Easter attendee yet).  My aunt goes to the United Church in Comox, so we went there for the service.  It was a bit different from the services I’m used to, but our congregation worships with the United Church in the summers, so I’m familiar enough with their liturgical patterns and can (sort of) follow the music.  It was a lay lead service  because the minister is recovering from surgery. She donated a kidney so one of her congregants could get on the list to receive one. Now that’s service.  Things ended a little different this service as well: as we sung to “go in peace”, the fire alarm was set off as it was their annual fire drill Sunday. So we went in a bit of chaos instead.

In the harbour, the fishing boats are moored.

In the harbour, the fishing boats are moored.

After church (my aunt indulged me and we drove with the top of her convertible down even though it is November) and lunch, my aunt took me one a tour of the Courtenay and Comox beaches and the wharf where we checked out the fishing boats.  I spent quite a bit of time looking at the jellyfish. I love jellyfish, how they pulse and look like they glow.  I’ve never been stung by them, so if that ever happens I might find my adoration lessened.

I also learned quite a bit about the area.  Courtenay is a city, for example, and Comox is a town. It is also a military base town, and the Snowbirds practice in their airfield for two weeks, so residents get a free air show.  BFF  had also told me that basically the Courtenay/Comox area is mainly populated by “the newlywed and nearly dead” and my aunt confirmed that she was right.  (The church was certainly mainly older people – it was almost like being on a cruise again.) The beaches are lovely, even though the tide was really high yesterday. I love the ocean.  I will definitely have to come back and spend more time here.

I love little jellyfish, pulsing and undulating.

I love little jellyfish, pulsing and undulating.

After the beaches, we picked up my cousin and went down Fifth Street to check out the little shops.  Quite a few were closed, because it was Sunday, but there were still a few neat shops open.  There’s a good variety of little stores, and I found some fun jewellery.  My favourite store, though was a place called Hot Chocolates. They sell all kind of things made of chocolate. I did not get the chocolate shoes, but I did buy truffles for BFF and I to eat in the hot tub in Ucluelet. They had champagne truffles.  I love good champagne truffles. There were good champagne truffles. I may order some and have them shipped to me for Valentine’s Day. Last year, the ones I got were not fresh and not good. After Fifth Street, we went to Costco.  I haven’t been in one in years, because we don’t have one in Yellowknife and I don’t really go grocery shopping when I visit friends who have memberships.  I could go wild in the store.  I only bought a few things, though, since I’ll have suitcase limits to deal with on the way home.

I won't be wrapping any sushi in this find!

I won’t be wrapping any sushi in this find!

After that, we met my uncle (he had another 12 hours shift, as he works for the RCMP) and his mom, who also lives in town, at the White Spot for dinner. I love the White Spot, and they have a good selection of food for my aunt, who has dietary restrictions.  I was going to be good and eat a quinoa salad, but changed my mind and had a portebello burger and sweet potato fries instead.  I love holidays.  I also had a glass of wine after a Spot sized strawberry vanilla mojito, so I felt pretty good for the evening of visiting and subjecting my family to my travel slide shows.

Today, BFF will pick me up around Little Miss P.’s nap time, and we’ll head to Ucluelet. It’s a shorter drive, so I think we’ll be able to manage mostly in nap times.  I’m having a great trip, and can’t wait to have more to write about!


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