Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 11, 2013

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun: Day #1 and #2

I am sitting in Courtenay, British Columbia, where my BFF and the wee Miss P. and I have come as part of our girls’ road trip vacation.  It came about a few months back, when I bought a ticket for another draw, and started musing about, if I won, where I could go.  Musings of a trip with my BFF turned into us waxing poetic about how we’d love to go to the BC coast together, rent a car and take a road trip.  Then I thought – well, what if I don’t win this? Is there anyway I could do it anyway, within both our budgets?  So I looked at my Airmiles, and sure enough, I had more than enough points to get us to Vancouver.  So the planning began and before we knew it, the three of us were ready for our adventure.

I’m lumping days #1 and #2 together (and writing on day #3), because they were mostly travel days and not that much variety around.  BFF and I met at the airport, where Little Miss P.’s daddy hugged her goodbye since he had to stay home to write exams and bach it out while we’re having our adventure.  Miss P. is just 9 months old, and this is her very first trip, so he was a bit sad to miss it.  Neither the BFF nor I had ever travelled with a baby before, so it was a first for all of us.

My nephew's monkey Hudson is travelling with me again. Here, he tries out Miss P.'s stroller for the trip.

My nephew’s monkey Hudson is travelling with me again. Here, he tries out Miss P.’s stroller for the trip.

Our first leg of the flight was a bit delayed, so we spent a little more time in the airport that is ever fun before we got to board to head to Edmonton to make our connection to Vancouver. Then we loaded our multiple bags (babies need a lot of stuff, so that’s a minus) and then got to board early (count one in the plus column for travelling with little ones!).  Miss P. did splendidly on the plane, napping through a good bunch of it.  Our plane delay meant a quick connection time, so we had to run like the wind through the Edmonton airport, barely making our plane.  Miss P. did well on the plane, and when you accidentally whack people with a diaper bag, they are really nice about it.  In fact, people are way nicer when you are travelling with a baby. Other passengers let you through and even stop to help you set up strollers and what not.

Exhausted and hungry since the Vancouver leg was too short for food, we shuttled to our hotel.  We stayed at the Coast Airport hotel, which I’d booked on Priceline for a very inexpensive overnight.  We ate at the attached Whitespot, and they were super nice there too.  I had a bacon cheeseburger because I wanted red meat.  The BFF also had a burger, though she opted for the Monterrey Mushroom version.  Very good.  Then we went back to our room and crashed not that long after the baby did, because we were wiped right out.

The next day, we met my cousin for breakfast. She bussed from her Burnaby apartment to meet us, and it was lovely to catch up. Then she helped us pack up and head to the car rental place, as the BFF and I were next headed to the Courtenay Comox area, where both our aunts lived, via Victoria to have tea with an old friend.

Little Miss P. and my BFF enjoying the view from the ferry.

Little Miss P. and my BFF enjoying the view from the ferry.

BFF, who is a better and more experienced city driver than I am, drove us to the Tsawwassen ferry station, where we parked the car and enjoyed the ferry ride to Swartz Bay. The ferry is lovely, with seats and cafes and the most gorgeous of scenery.  Little Miss P. enjoyed herself plenty.  She was not so fussed about being back in the car, but napped through part of the way to our friend Ace’s house.  Ace sometimes invites people to have tea with her via Facebook, so it was nice to finally be able to join her! Her husband had taken the boys out for the day, so we got to catch up and eat delicious scones with homemade lemon curd and fantastic brownies that Ace served.

It wasn’t long of a visit, because we had to get back on the road. It was Miss P.’s naptime again, so that worked out, and we got a fair stretch in while she slept.  The ocean and for forest scenery is fantastic.  We stopped to feed Miss P outside of Nanaimo, and then I took the last shift of driving. Miss P. was pretty much done with the car, so BFF had to sit in the back with her to try to keep her calm.  I did very well, I think, considering it was dark and very rainy, and I wasn’t too stressed despite a very angry baby in the back. BFF did awesome keeping her calm for the most part, but I think we’ll have our work cut out for us on the trip back.

BFF and I both have families in Courtenay, so she dropped me off and we both will get to spend some time with our respective aunts and uncles (and a cousin, in my case). It is nice for the both of us, that we can make time to see our loved ones.  I visited with my aunt and uncle while we ate dinner and the Canucks played (my brother would be appalled at their team loyalty), then my uncle had to go bed since he had an early shift today.  My cousin was out at a birthday party, so I visited with my aunt while she waited for him to come home, but since I’m not a teenager any more , I crashed at 10 o’clock.

That’s pretty much it for my first two days of travel.  I’ll post again later with Day #3’s (slightly) more exciting ventures.


  1. Good to hear of your adventure. If you get a chance Juanita (my sister) and Rollie Holland live in Ladysmith.

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