Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | May 4, 2013

Luck Be A Lady: The Birthday Cruise Day Ten

Note: Warning – there is whining and self-pity ahead.  I was having a day.  I promise it did not last the rest of the trip, and you are welcome to skip entry if you’d prefer to read just the days where I am awesome. Lord knows I’d prefer to just live the days where I’m awesome.

I did not really take a lot of pictures this sea day, so here is one of me with a dolphin in Curacao!

I did not really take a lot of pictures this sea day, so here is one of me with a dolphin in Curacao!

Well, today was a sea day, as will tomorrow be.  I’m starting to get edgy to get home, though I’ll be honest and admit a large part of that is because my kindle quit working in the middle of a book I was reading and the normal troubleshooting is not working. I don’t have internet to google more solutions either. And I got way too much sun and am going home a lobster once again.

Lest I sound like I am whining too much, I am trying to remember that this is just a bad couple of moments in a day, and that I am on a beautiful cruise and tomorrow is another day. It will be better tomorrow, and today had good moments.

DW and I went to breakfast, then sat out by the pool. I applied lots of sunscreen, and took a few breaks, but my last stretch of sun proved too much for my pasty white skin, which is now angry red. 

We had our last formal night, and I nearly did not go (because of the angry redness) but went anyway. And had lots of wine, which made things look better. My back hurts, and it hurt during dinner, but we were with two couples we’d previously dined with and who we’d wanted to visit with again, so that was wonderful. 

Here is a flamingo doing his pink thing at the Dolphin academy.  In case you ever wondered, their food smells really bad.

Here is a flamingo doing his pink thing at the Dolphin academy. In case you ever wondered, their food smells really bad.

After dinner, we went to the show, a “Songs of Screen and Stage” show with costumes designed by Bob Mackie of Cher’s infamous Oscar dress fame. The costumes were very cool and some were very elaborate. The dancing was wonderful once again, even if the cheese factor of this show was especially high.  There were two leads and two secondary singers, and the secondary singers were far more enjoyable than the two leads. The leading lady oversang everything a la Christina Aguilera, and the male lead struggled again tonight. I think they have too much in his lower range, which he’s weak on and it makes him pitchy, to borrow a term from the American Idol judges.

After the show, we went to the marriage game, which is basically the Newlywed Game, but for couples of various married years together. It was not quite as funny as Milt and Jo on the last cruise in that game show, but it was still pretty funny nonetheless. Though I do think the ship may have to invest in some dog houses if they continue to play.

After the game show, it was a dessert extravaganza. I did not actually partake this year (overdoing the sun is enough overindulgence for one day, I think), but I did go up to check out all the incredible creations.

Tomorrow is another sea day, and hopefully I’ll be able to find some way of entertaining myself since I might be sans kindle for the rest of the trip. I am hoping that it either fixes itself magically overnight, or that DW’s suggestion to try to catch the tech guy tomorrow pays offs.  But for now I feel the guilt spiral over letting myself badly burn again (when will I learn?) and frustration over my technology failing me when I am on trips (see the computer failure in Rome for a recap of my recent luck). But things will look better in the morning, and at least DW has books I can borrow.  And soon I will be home to weather cold enough that no one will see my back from a month, so the burn will be a distant memory by the time my shoulders go bare. 

Towel animal of the day: A gorilla.

Rockstar of the Day: Whoever invented the margarita.

Drink of the Day: Tropical Cable Car.

 Gratitude of the Day: I’m grateful for aloe spray and someone to spray it on my back.


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