Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | April 30, 2013

Luck Be A Lady: The Birthday Cruise Day Six

All dressed up for dinner.

All dressed up for dinner.

Wow, typing that title made me realize we’ve past the halfway point of our cruise. I’m not in a rush to get home, but I do feel a little excited for it as well.  It will be nice to live out of drawers again, even if I am going back to winter weather.

But for now, I’m in the lovely Caribbean, and still enjoying it.  Today was a sea day, so I did not get up to too much, especially since I wanted to give my skin a break from the sun. It’s looking much better, thanks to my regular aloe application and some work, I’m sure, from the sunscreen.

DW and I slept in a little, then went for breakfast together. We decided to split up so DW could get more sun, and I could get some shade. I read in the library for a while, then I went back to the room to get ready for lunch.  DW and I decided to see what the Mariner’s lunch we were invited to as return cruisers was all about. It was mostly just a little bit fancier lunch than the buffet, like dinners are but not as many courses or choices. The food was still good: I had a salmon fillet and salad while DW had a chilled pear soup that she wasn’t fond of. We both had the broccoli and cheddar quiche, then there was key lime pie for dessert. There was also complimentary champagne. Since DW doesn’t drink, I had two glasses.

After lunch, we split up again so DW could work on her tan and get through some reading, and I wanted to play team trivia.  I thought I might play by myself because I was feeling shy, but then some other single players were being placed by Cruise Director Dave, so I went up and asked if there might be any teams looking for a Gen Xer (which I think I’m on the tail end of, either that or the beginning of Y).  There were lots of teams I could have joined. I picked a small one, and they were very nice. We did not win, even though I did have some answers (like knowing Michaelango painted the Sistine Chapel, but also that Beyonce is married to Jay-Z).  Then I visited with the team a while. I might make my way upstairs for more of that tomorrow.

We think this towel is a lobster.  We might be wrong.

We think this towel is a lobster. We might be wrong.

After that, I went back to the room because I wanted to do laundry. Unfortunately, as it turns out, there is no self serve laundry on this boat. You can stuff a bunch into this bag and get it cleaned for $20, but I’m a little reluctant to let others handle my delicates, and I just feel weird about sending out laundry in general. So I did a whole bunch by hand in the tub.  Some I might send out again since swirling it around in detergent might not get it super clean, but for now I have some very wet things dripping over a towel in my closet.

I did some reading outside in the shade, then came back to the stateroom to meet DW before dinner. She very nearly did not come with me, because she suffered the same fate I did a few years ago on the cruise, where I thought sunscreen was enough to prevent a burn after a lot of time in the sun.  It was not as bad as my burn last cruise, or even my shoulders after a day in the sun yesterday, so we gussied up for another formal night. (But she’s burned.)

We were taken aback to be seated by the complaining couple from a few days before, but the table was big and the angle was such that I was mostly able to just chat to the side with DW without appearing rude, thank goodness.  Both DW and I started with the pineapple appetizer, then she had the day’s salad while I had a ginger chicken soup. It was good, though more a ginger chicken broth.  I had a pomegranate glazed Cornish game hen for dinner while DW had some grilled tofu. For dessert, I tried chocolate and raspberry cake, while DW went for a record four day streak of the brownie.

We made it to the eight o’clock show more than 20 minutes early, but still barely got seats.  We did find two empty ones near the front, since we weren’t shy to ask if they were taken.  The show was sort of a review of music from the 50s to the 90s, love themed and set at a carnival.  It was okay. The music was fun, but the male lead seemed to be having an off night. Still, it was a good time and the older crowd really loved it. After that, it was back to our cabin, to rest up for our adventures in Columbia tomorrow!

Towel animal of the day: A dog, perhaps? He was adorable and DW wanted to cuddle him.  Only she picked him up and his head fell apart.

Rockstar of the Day: Both DW and I, for making it through another dinner with the complaining couple from a few nights before.

Drink of the Day: Royal Manhattan

Gratitude of the Day: I am grateful my sunburn is going away.

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