Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | April 29, 2013

Luck Be a Lady: The Birthday Cruise Day Five

A wonderful dolphin show!

A wonderful dolphin show!

Well, it is past ten o’clock at night, and I think DW and I have made a slightly better showing today, seeing as yesterday we were both asleep by this time.  DW and I were on different shore excursions today, which meant she had to get up earlier than I did.  While she went off to do a town and country tour (which she somehow booked by accident), I had breakfast alone and worked on some crossword puzzles so I wouldn’t have to wait in a crowded line to get off the ship.

My tour didn’t start for about an hour after I got off the ship, so I wandered around a little, before making my way back to the pier to meet my tour group.  Today’s adventure? Swimming with the dolphins! And this wasn’t just an encounter, like last time I chose something like this. This was an “in the water, swimming beside them, take a ride on, in deep water” swim with the dolphins.

This dolphin trainer is thrown high in the air by the dolphin. Amazing!

This dolphin trainer is thrown high in the air by the dolphin. Amazing!

We took a taxi to the Dolphin Academy, where we got flippers and we separated into smaller groups, to work with a dolphin for every two people. We had three dolphins for our group of six: Roxette, Renita, and Aleta, who was Renita’s year old dolphin baby. She got very excited and didn’t always want to wait her turn to do tricks. It was very cute.

We each got to shake hands/fins with the dolphins, get a kiss, play some games, and take a ride holding on to the dorsal fins of the two larger dolphins. They go very fast!  We also got to spend some time swimming alongside them, petting them and just hanging out. It was very nice. A small misfortune of spending a good chunk of time in the water, for me at least, is that I did pick up a bit of a sunburn on my back.  It may also have been the result of my spraying sunscreen on my own back, which I might not be very good at. In any case, what’s done is done, and this isn’t as bad as my last cruise burn, at least to date. I bought some aloe and mint mist, so hopefully I’ll be fairly set.

I wish we could learn to do this in a workshop!

I wish we could learn to do this in a workshop!

After coming back from my dolphin swim, I found a small restaurant overlooking the waterfront and had a late lunch of a light tuna salad (did not want to spoil my appetite for cruise dinner!) and a delicious sangria. I then found a wifi spot to check my email for a while, then made my way back to the ship.  I showered in the hydropool area, then after my soak, dried off in the hot chairs.

After doing hair and makeup for dinner and meeting up with DW, we made our way to the dining room.  We were seated at a table of six, which was nice because we could hear one another. The two couples DW and I were seated with were quite nice.  Dinner was good too. I had a hard time picking between the appetizers (I wanted them all!), but ended up choosing one with prosciutto and melon.  DW had a double baked cheese souffle, then had the day’s salad with a cool curly beet for her next course.  I was eyeing the pumpkin soup, but since it had apple in it (which I can’t eat unless cooked through or it upsets my stomach), I went with a chilled watermelon gazpatcho.  I had lamb with tomato couscous for my entrée, while DW went with the beet risotto.  For dessert, she went for a hat trick and had the doublestack brownie, while I tried the Sacher Torte, which was dark Austrian Chocolate, so I figured I could not go wrong.

My nephew's monkey and an iguana. Those things are huge!

My nephew’s monkey and an iguana. Those things are huge!

Dinner ended in time enough that we were able to get seats to the early show with the comedian. He was very, very funny.  Among other things, he was also a juggler, using knives and axes and a number of balls flying through the air at once. One of the funniest things he did was pull an audience member up and got him to lie on the floor. He blindfolded him so the guy could not see that he was not, in fact, juggling axes over his prone body, but instead had switch for his juggling “pins”. This was particularly funny when he dropped an “axe” on the gentleman.  DW and I were laughing so hard, she practically crawled into my lap, she was clutching me so tightly.

After the comedian, we went to the Crow’s Nest, so I could order the drink of the day, and I took it outside so we could lay looking at the stars. It is so warm out, it is incredible.  Then it was back in to do some very important shopping: I bought sunscreen and my aloe mist. And not just any sunscreen. It’s 50, targeted for kids. So I may return home relatively pasty, but that’s better than being burned to a crisp. Tomorrow is a sea day, so there is definitely more sun (and sun screen) in my future.  Maybe I’ll even make it to the gym. No promises. After all, I’m on vacation.

Towel animal of the day: This one was definitely a lobster!

Rockstar of the Day: Tie: The family at the dolphin swim who bought our group’s pictures, then quietly pulled me aside to get my email address so we all did not have to drop $75 on the pictures. And the gentleman who the comedian pulled up on stage to “juggle axes” over, who, when asked what he did, said “I’m an attourney.”

Drink of the Day: Strawberry and bubbles. It’s pretty good. J

Gratitude of the Day: I am grateful for dolphins.

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