Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | April 28, 2013

Luck Be a Lady: The Birthday Cruise Day Four

I wish we could have spent time on the beaches in Aruba.

I wish we could have spent time on the beaches in Aruba.

Today was another day in port, and another day of adventure for this very relaxed traveler.  We started the day at sea, and DW and I even managed to sleep in (though you’d never know it from our readiness to retire right now, even though it hasn’t even gone nine). We had breakfast, then found separate hidey holes to read in while we waited to get into the port in Aruba.

I was near the trivia game going on, so I listened in, as did the people sitting in the chairs across from me in the coffee shop/library near the Crow’s nest. Between the three of us, we would have cleaned up at the game. Alas, we weren’t playing so we just had to content ourselves with good conversation and the knowledge we were right.

Once we docked, DW and I made our way to shore (slowly, since it was a bit crowded with practically the whole ship ready to get off at once). Once there, we bought some internet passes and finally checked email, etc., while we waited for our tour to meet. The place we dock on this trip was unfortunately not near any beach for us to walk/relax on.


This is pretty much the only underwater I took that turned out on this trip. It is also the first one I took.

This is pretty much the only underwater I took that turned out on this trip. It is also the first one I took.

Soon our tour met, and we were off to our sail and snorkel adventure.  We didn’t spend as much time in the water as I would have liked (25 minutes at each of the two stops) but we did spend some time sailing. And I got a few nice shots at the sites with my underwater camera, though most I took were really blurry.  I am sorry to say that all my shipwreck photos are a complete wash.  I’m sure I’ll get the hang of my little camera one day, but this is not that day.  The shipwreck was an old German boat, from early in World War II. I was hoping for something a little older. Like a pirate ship, something that looked like it might house some great treasures. Instead, it was a rusted out metal boat. There were lots of fish, though, so that was pretty nice.

On the way back, I partook of the rum punch they offered on the boat while I dried off and we made our way back to port.  Then, since DW doesn’t really drink, she said I should drink her share. My holiday judgement overruled my better judgement, so I decided that sounded like a fine plan. And in many ways it was. I felt pretty great, though totally and completely past buzzed and right into drunk. I’m not sure how much rum was in that punch, but it was not a small amount, and way more than I usually partake of in a short period of time. Fortunately, I think DW found tipsy me amusing instead of annoying.

The rum punch was really good. Maybe a little too good.

The rum punch was really good. Maybe a little too good.

We immediately went for dinner, since we hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and I ordered a lot of water and started the sobering up process. We ate at a place called Iguana Joe’s, where we had fajitas. The fixings came in these very hot iron plates (so hot I burned my arm on mine) and they were very delicious. After that, we came back to the terminal so we could go online a little more, and so I could move from tipsy back to buzzed.  I really wish there was more of a beach at this port: both DW and I aren’t really big on shopping, particularly in the shops near the port that cater mainly to tourists looking for cheap souvenirs or wealthy patrons looking for some snazzy jewelry. We ended up coming back to the ship instead, where I went back to the thermal suite to finish my day with some lemon water and relaxation. This also helped in another, helpful way: since I can shower in the thermal suite and the hydropool, both DW and I could be rid of the layers of salt on our skin and swimsuits quickly and comfortably. Now it is just past nine, and I think I’ll curl up in bed and read a while before calling it a night. The Filipino crew is putting on a show tonight, but since it is at 11:00 o’clock, I will unfortunately miss it, because I’m an old lady at heart, and 11:00 is late at night.

Tomorrow we hit Curacao, and I get to swim – really swim! – with the dolphins.  I’m looking forward to it. I also hope there is more of a beach at this port.  I could use some sand between my toes again.

Towel animal of the day: A beautiful swan

Rockstar of the Day: Whoever’s Grandma came up with the rum punch recipe, because does it EVER pack a punch.

Drink of the Day: Red Stag Derby

Gratitude of the Day: I am thankful for rum punch. And food that helps absorb rum punch.

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