Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | April 27, 2013

Luck Be a Lady: The Birthday Cruise Day Three

Well, I think this will be a shorter entry, because it was a sea day and my birthday (which I decided to spend relaxing).  Also, I am tired and had more than one glass of wine this evening. Closer to four, actually.

Happy Birthday cake!

Happy Birthday cake!

DW and I woke up a little earlier than we anticipated, but decided not to get out of bed until we felt good and ready. After DW performed a special birthday improve dance, we had a late breakfast, which included bacon.  Yum!

After breakfast, we scored some spots by the pool, went down to our stateroom to change and sunscreen up, then back to the pool. We lay in the sun for several hours, reading and napping. It was very hot today, and I had to jump in the pool to cool off for a while.  I then lay out to dry a little before we headed in for lunch.

After lunch, I decided I needed a break from the sun, so DW went back out while I headed to the thermal suite for a couple of hours.  I read a little, napped a little, and managed to detangle my hair in the special thermal showers, because I wanted to do fancy hair for formal night. I headed back to the stateroom, then had to revisit my steps to find where I’d left my Kindle, but then I headed back to the room to play some music and curl my hair. I have a lot of it, so it takes a long, long time to do.

Chocolate 31 for my years on the planet, courtesy of our awesome room stewards.

Chocolate 31 for my years on the planet, courtesy of our awesome room stewards.

I got myself gussied up, then did DW’s hair, and then she got gussied up. We spent some time trying to wrestle her into her shoes, because they had weird straps, only for DW to decide she was going to wear her flats instead because she felt the shoes made her look like a hooker. They did not, for the record. But at least in flats, when I wore my four inch heels, I was almost as tall as she was.

We went down to dinner, and were seated with a lovely set of ladies. Conversation flowed nicely this evening, thank goodness. I ordered a carafe of wine, because I like wine on my birthday, and it was nice enough, if not spectacular. A normal house wine.  Our appetizers were a duck pate in mille feuille for me and a fruit dish with rum sauce for DW. She ordered a Caesar salad, while I tried a mushroom soup for the next course. Her entree was a vegetarian tart, while I had some quail stuffed with spinach and cheese. I ordered a brownie dish for dessert, and then the crew also came with a small birthday cake for me to split with my table. They even sang an Indonesian song. I felt very special. To top it off, coming back to the room, instead of the normal two chocolates, there were 20, shaped to form a “31” for my birthday!

Our towel animal of the day was a dragonfly.

Our towel animal of the day was a dragonfly.

After dinner, we kept our formal wear on and went to the piano bar, then cut out early despite a very, very good show to sit in on the Captain’s toast (and another show at the theatre, a sort of review of songs through the ages). It was a fun show.

Now we’re in for the night, resting up because tomorrow is Aruba. Very excited for my snorkeling adventure tomorrow, and for lying out in the sun!

Towel animal of the day: A dragonfly. I wonder if the room attendant saw my tattoo, or if it is a fluke.

Rockstar of the Day: The pool waiter who had to check to make sure I was old enough to drink.

Drink of the Day: Classic Colada

Gratitude of the Day: I am thankful for another turn around this planet.

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