Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | October 3, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Eleven

Last day for pictures at Limnisa!

Forgive me if this entry ends up on the dreamy side, but the smallest potion of wine I could order tonight was 375 ml, and though I didn’t finish it all, my frugal self did decide I needed to drink probably a half glass too many on a day I hadn’t eaten any lunch.

It was my last morning in Limnisa. I hadn’t had the greatest sleep, through no fault but my own. I woke up to use the washroom twice because I had too much water (and wine) before bed, and once because it had rained. I also dreamed that I was home and a friend came to show me her shoes, and I realised that not only had I not bought any shoes in Italy, I couldn’t remember being there at all, and was horrified to believe I had slept through my whole journey there.  It took a few minutes after I woke up to realise that I haven’t actually gone to Italy yet. Hopefully my dream is not prescient and I won’t forget to pick up a pair of shoes!

One of the underwater pics taken at Limnisa.

I decided since it was the last day, I should at least attempt the offered morning Yoga, particularly since I’d haul clothes for that purpose all the way from Canada. It was as fine as Yoga ever is for me; I can’t ever seem to turn my brain off.  Anyway, I’m glad I gave it a go. After that, I had my last Limnisa breakfast, lingering a little over coffee, then finished packing up, stripped the bed so Mariel and Philip didn’t have to worry about it, and swept the floor because I was shedding hair everywhere. I’m sure they’ll still be finding long strands weeks after I’m gone.

We said goodbye to Philip, and then Mariel drove us two final writers to Methana, where  one of us went to Hydra via Poros, and I sat at B&B and drank a frappe and checked email while I waited for my ferry to arrive.  The owner, Vangelis, is very nice and gave me a business card so I could send him a picture of my home when it is covered at snow. I have a feeling I’ll be able to do as much not that long after I arrive home in October, though hopefully it won’t be until close to Hallowe’en.

My ferry ride was peaceful. Once again, I couldn’t figure out where the baggage drop was so just carried my stuff with me. I was relying on following other passengers with luggage, but as they were in groups it seems that everyone just brought their stuff with them.  No dolphins or porpoises leaping in the distance either.  There were some waves that might have been dolphin backs, but I have no way of knowing.  I’m sure there were some around somewhere, though, because I had a little luck arriving at my hotel that I’ll get to in a minute.

At the Port of Piraeus, I was greeted by a sign bearing my name (well, spelled differently, but my parents were the ones who took liberties in the first place). Mariel and Philip have a taxi driver friend (though they’ve never actually met) who they frequently call in Athens, and we’d arranged for him to meet me in the morning. He lived for a very long time in the States, so his English is beyond excellent (and a relief considering I haven’t gotten much further than “please”, “thank you”, and “I don’t speak Greek.”).  The ride to the hotel was not too long whatsoever and a reasonable price – including tip, I paid twenty euros, and didn’t have to worry about getting lost. I will very likely decide not to brave the Metro to the airport and call to reserve a ride to the airport instead on the way back. Though I’m not against public transportation, cabs are a little more manageable when you have luggage to consider.

Exploring Athens.

I was dropped at the Hotel Phillipos, where I’d booked a single room, and was greeted at the front desk by the clerk who told me she had good news. I thought perhaps I’d been upgraded to a twin room, but it was even better than that – I’d been upgraded to their sister hotel, just around the corner. It is called the Herodian and is four stories instead of three.  Perhaps there are more differences, but I don’t know. There are two single beds in the room, right next to one another, though I’ll just use the one.  The bathroom is nice, with a tub and shower and marble counters.

It was past three o’clock by the time I arrived, so I went to my room to drop off my gear. It was fairly hot in Athens today, 30 degrees at least. The room has this little slot you stick your hotel card into to turn the lights on and allow for the air conditioner, and I can’t tell you how glad I am for the air conditioner.  I think the key-card-to-power-your-room might be common, since this is how things were at the studios where the other writers stayed.

By this time,  I was feeling pretty sweaty and gross, so I washed some of my things in the sink using these tide travel packs I got at Christmas, rung them out and hung them up to dry, then had a cool shower and washed my hair since I hadn’t wanted to do it this morning and probably will use the shower cap tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about my hair since my pick up for my Delphi tour is very early.

I had a map from the hotel, so I wandered toward the Acropolis.  I wasn’t sure where to hike up and given my lack of lunch, didn’t want to take the time considering I’ll be back in Athens for a few days post-Delphi, but I took some nice pictures. I also figured out the map and what I’ll be doing on my full Saturday in Athens, where to go to get to the Acropolis and what museums I’d like to visit.  I also stopped in a store and found a souvenir for my nephew. No onesies, but I did find a little something I think will fit him in a while. It’s nice to have a little one to buy things for, if only because tiny clothes hardly take up any space.

It was about six thirty when I arrived back, so I went up to my hotel room to wait for seven, when the dining room opened for dinner.  I was relieved to find a menu with plates that aren’t quite like a  Tavernas, so ordered the grilled lamb chops. I ate the bread that came before it, and the french fries that came with it and the salt, as well as the slices of tomato and cucumber sprinkled with what I believe is cilantro. I also ordered a red wine, a small bottle but more than enough for me, as you may have gathered.  Everything was very good – the potatoes were so hot they must have just come out of the fryers seconds before they were plated – and it was nice to be able to charge the dish to my room, since credit cards are used infrequently here and I was glad not to use up my cash.  After dinner, I came directly back to my room, and here I sit, ready for bed even though it is not even nine o’clock.  I don’t mind; I have a very early day tomorrow, and could use the sleep before I explore Delphi. With that, I’ll sign off for now in order to put on my PJs and collapse into bed. Until tomorrow!




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