Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | October 2, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Ten

It is not without a bit of sadness that I spend my last night in Limnisa.  Tomorrow I will get up finish packing, and head to Methana where I will catch the ferry back to Athens.  Though my trip is not yet over – in fact, I’m only just over halfway through – my time at the writer’s retreat is coming to a close.

Walking into Agios Georgios.

I woke up at seven this morning, a half hour earlier than I have been, as I am trying to move my internal clock a little prior to going to Delphi.  I wrote my morning pages, then packed away my computer and got ready for the day.

It was our last breakfast with the four of us, as we ate outside overlooking the sea, sharing coffee and email addresses.  I hope we will all keep in touch.  After breakfast, half of us departed to pack for the drive for Athens, while the other two of us went with Mariel to Methana.

I found my way to the post office, where I mailed the cards I had managed to get addresses for (and I’ll make another stop tomorrow with my last lot to go from here), then I went to the cafe called B & B, where I had another delicious Fredoccino and a freshly squeezed orange juice (because it sounded so good I couldn’t resist having two drinks!) and checked my email. It was nice to be connected again, particularly since it allowed me to take care of some check-in arrangements for the place I will be staying in Rome, check my October and November schedule for the bookstore (and see about trading a few shifts) as well as simply sending out a few emails and Facebook messages to close friends and family.  I also made a payment on my credit card and ordered some DVDs, so there will be nice mail and no interest waiting for me when I get back.

A church in a small square in Agios Georgios.

After that, we went back to Limnisa, where I took my last swim before lunch. As much as I’d like to go again tomorrow, I won’t have anywhere to hang my suit to dry for a few days, as I am moving around from Athens to Delphi and then back to Athens, so the sea will just have to wait for another trip. Once I’d dried off a bit and hung my suit up on the rack, I had lunch, then decided I would sit down and try to write for at least an hour. I was on a bit of a roll, though, and feel very proud that lost track of time and wrote almost the full two hours until tea.

After tea, I decided I would take the walk down to Agios Georgios, since I hadn’t really done any exploring there, just short drives through it.  The walk is not very long, maybe half an hour, if that, and the sky had gone overcast so it wasn’t too hot for this wimpy Canadian.  I took a nice stroll, past old abandoned buildings and the white cement houses with their red clay roofs.  I said “yia sou” as I passed, and got some very cheerful waves.  I went down to the harbour, then past to the church. I saw gardens with pomegranate trees and grape wines, all sorts of beautiful scenery.  I wish I could have wandered longer, but I had had a lot of water over the course of the day and realised I needed to get back to Limnisa so I could use the washroom.

On my walk into Agios Georgios.


Once I made it back, I did some packing, though some of my clothes and toiletries that I will use tomorrow remain unpacked. It doesn’t take long to pack once you are at a place, because there’s no choices to agonize over beyond what article to cram in first.  We had a lovely dinner as well, the four of us, and now I’m finishing up so I can go to bed.  I’ll be waking up at six-thirty tomorrow – an early day!  So that will be interesting.  Mariel is going to set up a taxi at Piraeus Port for me, a friend of theirs who speaks English.  It’s good when you know who your driver is, as it keeps you from being cheated. I might take the Metro back to the airport when I go to Italy, but we’ll see how far the stop is from the hotel, considering I have to haul my backpack there with me.  I don’t mind taking the taxis, because that way you always end up where you wanted to go.  I doubt Athens is like Agios Georgios, where there is only one road, which makes it difficult to get lost. (Though, given enough time, I’m sure I could manage it. I’m gifted that way, much to my chagrin.)

But now I’ll sign off, in favour of getting some rest and getting ready for my next phase of my Greek adventure. Until tomorrow!


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