Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | September 30, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Nine

Part of our nature walk.

Well, as far as days where I get lots of writing done go, today does not get to fall into that category.  I started out the day with my morning pages again, so I did get off to a good start, then I had a quiet breakfast. I took out my laptop and put it on the lower veranda to get some work done, and though I did get some out of the way, I was feeling fairly fidgety today, so after about an hour, I put it away.

Mariel had decided the Methana trip would happen tomorrow, so instead I tucked my Kindle and my camera into my bag and made my way to the sea side.  I spent much of the morning reading down there, which was nice, although it was still a little chilly.  I didn’t take my cardigan off for quite some time.



Taking the nature walk to the sea!

At about half past noon, I decided I needed a break from the sun, so came upstairs and puttered in my room a bit.  We had lunch together, then I changed into my swimsuit and went for a lovely dip, since it was much less windy today.  I had a nice little snorkel, then rinsed off in the outdoor shower so my hair and swimsuit didn’t crust with salt this time, then I lay in the sun and finished the book I’d started while I dried off.

At four, three of us went on the post-poned walk.  It was hot out, so it was a slow walk with lots of water breaks for me. I took lots of pictures as we wandered to an old, large stone shaped like a cradle, through part of the village, down a path that may well be thousands of years old, and even through a pomegranate grove.  I didn’t give in to temptation and pick on, though they looked so big and appetizing, hanging off the branches so heavily.

Literary evening on the roof, just before sunset.

Once we got back, I was sweaty and hot, so I changed back into my swimsuit, which was already mostly dry, and then took another dip.  I won’t call it a swim – I basically just ducked under a few times to cool down my body temperature. It was a bit more overcast by this time, so I definitely was much less warm as I dried off this time.

After my dip, I got dressed, and then we all gathered on the rooftop terrace for a literary evening.  Of the four of us on writer’s retreats, two are finished and leaving tomorrow after breakfast.  I was going to be the last one standing, leaving on Wednesday, but someone is staying an extra night, which is awesome, because I’d hate to feel like a third wheel.  The evening was once again delightful, as each of us read from a piece of our writing. So much creativity around a small table.

It has gone a bit windy again, and the rain has started, so I was a little chilled by the time ten o’clock rolled around and we were wrapping up. I look forward to curling up in bed soon, and to another (hopefully) warm day tomorrow.


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