Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | September 22, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Eight

Well, it turned out to be a very quiet day here in Limnisa, quieter than I even anticipated. Apparently, the rain chose not to rain itself out, and so while it was dry when I awoke, by the time I was getting out of the shower, I could hear the pitter patter on the roof again and knew that our planned outing was off the plate, at least for the day. So instead I ate breakfast and watched the rain, and we made plans to try, try again tomorrow for the nature/spiritual walk.

One of the many, many cats that seem to wander free in Greece.

I’m afraid my day was pretty boring, at least when it comes to journalling, as a result. My morning routine didn’t really vary, from the morning pages to the shower to the getting dressed. After breakfast, since it was raining, I chose to write for a while (so the weather was definitely helpful in terms of making me productive and forcing me to do what I’ve come here to do. I also managed to finish the book I was reading (The Weird Sisters) by lunch time.

After lunch, which once again consisted of delicious vegetarian food and good company (and dessert sent by the owner of the studios two of our number are staying at, a delicious custard pastry), I did some more writing, the discipline I was exerting making me very proud. Since tomorrow is Monday and half the shops close, the group decided we would meet for aperatifs, which we consumed on the roof outside since the weather had improved significantly, then go out to another Tavernas together.

The Tavernas is a favourite one of Phillip and Mariel, and is situated in Agios Nikolaos by the sea side. We all drove in one car again, since it had already gone mostly dark at eight o’clock when we were leaving. The car is a five seater, so as a result, one of us rides in the “boot” (trunk) during outings, so I volunteered. I wasn’t closed in, but was more like the family dog, curled up behind the back seat. As experiences in vehicles go, it wasn’t so bad.

Philip and Mariel’s favourite Tavernas – and I can see why! The food was excellent and very inexpensive.

The Tavernas was wonderful, though I didn’t understand a word spoken since the owner seems to speak only Greek. The owner makes a definite effort, as she’s used shells as decorations and everything was neatly turned out. Mariel and Phillip ordered for us, translating as need be, and we left ourselves in their very capable hands. I tried many things I had never had before, including sardines and octopus. The company would have made any meal, but since everything we ate was also fantastic, we really were royalty tonight. The price was incredible too; including tip, the six of us paid eleven euros each, even though we ate enough to feed an army and had wine with dinner, not to mention the price I quote includes what we tipped. We kept asking if they’d made a mistake in calculating, it was so good and so inexpensive. I can see why it is a favourite of Mariel and Phillip, very well deserved.

After that, it was back to Limnisa again. We visited quite late, and it was after eleven before we got home and is even later now, so I look forward to crawling into bed. Hopefully tomorrow will be good weather for walking, and swimming. Until tomorrow!

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