Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | September 21, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Seven

A lightening strike, captured as best I could on my little digital camera.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been away from home a week already, but here Saturday has rolled around again, and finished (at least here in Greece) and soon I will be heading to bed.

I didn’t get my snorkel in today, but not because I was busy writing or even reading.  The weather here all day has been heavy, in anticipation of a storm, which is currently ongoing.  As the day went on, the wind got rougher and rougher, and after lunch, when I’d planned to go, the water was too turbid to consider going in. I can swim, have had lessons, but I’m not the greatest swimmer and I certainly wasn’t going to brave the waves when the sea was churning to much to see anything while snorkeling anyway.

This didn’t mean I didn’t get anything done all day.  I woke up later than I have been, after getting in somewhat later than usual last night.  Plus, after my volcano hike and the hot weather, I was certainly tired enough.  So by the time I even hauled myself out of bed, it was almost quarter to eight.  I wrote my morning pages, showered, dressed, and had breakfast.  After breakfast, I wrote for a while I did a load of laundry. I hung my clothes to dry, and this is where the wind certainly worked in my favour.  Some of my shirts were dry shortly after lunch, and I was able to bring everything in, even the jeans, by supper time.  A few pieces that were at the back of the rack were a little damp, so I hung them up instead of folding them, and they should be good to go tomorrow morning.

I ate lunch (and then made the determination that swimming and snorkeling was a no go for the day), then wrote for another hour.  After that, I lay down for what was just going to be a minute, but ended up being a nap, which is not uncommon here but is uncommon for me.  I woke up feeling foggy and sleepy (this is why I don’t usually nap) and so had some tea.

After tea, I planned to do some more writing but ended up reading instead.  I’m almost done my book, and it was enjoyable so I don’t regret that at all.  When dinner time rolled around, the sky had gone black, so we pulled some tables inside and set up a little dining area.  We got to watch the lightening light the sky from the glass window as we all shared another delicious dinner (Indian food this time round) and wonderful conversation.  Now it is almost ten o’clock, and I will be watching the lightening split the sky from my open window for a little while, before I cave and pull the shutters closed so I can go to sleep.  Tomorrow brings another little excursion, a sort of nature walk. But tonight will soon bring sleep, and even with my nap, I find I need it.  Until tomorrow!

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