Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | September 19, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Five

I think I’ve found myself a little slice of heaven.  Heat aside, I think I could quite happily live in Greece for a long, long time. It is incredibly relaxing, so much so it is almost beyond words.

Don’t step on these!

I got a solid eight hours sleep last night, something I had not done in longer than I care to admit, even back home.  Mornings at the writer’s retreat are quiet.  I got up and showered and dressed, got some breakfast from the buffet and at and drank my coffee, reading while I looked over the sea.  After breakfast, I took to my writing.  As usual, I found it difficult to stay on task, but without Facebook or email to check, I found I had one less of a (giant Internet) distraction.  That isn’t to say I didn’t find myself distracted or that words suddenly flowed smoothly to the page, but it was slightly easier to make myself stay at the computer and work.

After I’d done a few hours of writing, I took a break and read in the sun for a while, then came back up to the shade when it got too hot. We had lunch at about one-thirty, and it was very delicious, especially this cold soup.  After lunch, I went for a brief swim and then lay in the sun to dry off, since it had gotten quite hot.  Next time I will swim and snorkel a little longer, and I think I will also rinse off in the outdoor shower before drying off, because I’ve now got a layer of salt on my skin and hair that I could do without

Little stone “statues” line the wall and remind me a little of inukshuks.

After my swim I did a bit more writing, then made biscuits for the group since I’d volunteered to do something for afternoon tea and I can make them without needing to look at a recipe. After tea and clean up, I made myself do some more writing, though I think I shall push myself a little harder tomorrow.  I did a lot of reading in the sun when I could have been – should have been! – writing in the sun.

In Greece, they eat a fairly late dinner.  Mariel and Philip had a working dinner, so it was just the four of us, but we had a lovely and lively discussion. One of the best things about being with a bunch of writers is talking about books.  I love talking about books.  And recommending books. And books in general.  But now it is getting late, and I am going to get ready for bed, turn my brain off so I can get a good start tomorrow. We’re going on an excursion (adventure!), so I want to be rested up.

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