Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | September 11, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Three

Well, another day has come and gone, and while I’m doing much better with the jet lag than I expected considering my experience when I went to school in Edinburgh, my stomach still hasn’t quite caught up with the time change.  I’m hoping another good night’s sleep will help my body re-calibrate.  I think that once I get to Limnisa and settle in for a longer stay, I’ll do better as well.  I’m better when I’m at a destination proper, and not in transit. But on to my day.

I’ll pick up pretty much where I left off last night. About midway through the blogging, I started feeling completely bagged, and barely made it to the end.  So after posting, I pretty much shut down the computer, shoved it away, and barely had time to crawl into bed before I was out like a light.  The room is quiet and the bed is comfy, and if not for having to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, I think I’d have slept through until my alarm went off. I had a hard time falling back to sleep even though I

I will probably never NOT be amazed to see real fruit growing on real trees.

was tired (not unusual for me), so when 6:30 rolled around, I wasn’t quite ready to do more than check my email and putter a little in the room.  I finally got up and showered – I don’t even have to share a bathroom! – then got dressed and had breakfast.

I wasn’t feeling very hungry, which kind of surprised me because I hadn’t eaten a lot for dinner the night before, and didn’t feel that jet lagged.  I still made sure to consume a good breakfast.  And good it was.  Janet had a few different kinds of cereal, so I chose a granola one and ate it with Greek yogurt and honey instead of milk.  I adore Greek yogurt, and it is even better when it is in Greece and not shipped to Yellowknife from far, far away.  I also had toast with homemade marmalade and fresh squeezed orange juice. I am pretty sure it is made with oranges grown in the garden. This Northern gal is always so delighted when she gets to see real fruit in trees and not trucked from the South.  (The Dolphin Whisperer and I have commiserated more than once about having to check through the oranges in the grocery store to make sure they aren’t moldy prior to purchase.)

I love all the statues in the museum garden!

After breakfast, I read in the garden for a while because I felt pretty full, then I walked down to the Vorres Museum about half an hour away by foot. Thanks to some great directions from Janet, I got there very easily and only second-guessed myself once on the way back, which could have been avoided if I hadn’t made a parked car my landmark, since parked cars drive away.  The museum isn’t open during the week, which is too bad, but they have a lovely garden, so I spent about an hour puttering about taking pictures.  I then walked back.  I had tucked a scarf in my purse, which I was very glad of, because my poor Canadian skin just isn’t used to the thirty-odd degree weather and I was worried I was going to burn.

After spending a short time inside, I changed into my swimsuit and had a swim in the pool. It was very nice and cool and fresh. I even thought about going again this evening, but the thought of packing a wet swimsuit tomorrow put that plan to rest. I then spent the rest of the afternoon reading in the shade, having tea on my balcony, and then lamenting when my Kindle ran out of battery.  I also made a stop at the bank for some extra cash, since I wasn’t sure where I might find one in Methana and Limnisa.  Janet was very kind and drove me to the bank, and made sure the machine didn’t just “speak” to me in Greek.  Both she and her husband, Aris, really go above and

A close up of one of the many statues in the garden. I wish there was someone I could have asked about it – but had there been anyone about, I still wouldn’t not have been able to speak Greek!

beyond.  Between booking me a reliable taxi to the Port of Piraeus tomorrow and making sure I had a proper adapter for my currency converter, they really made my first couple of days in Athens.  (And, as I’ve mentioned, the Bed and Breakfast is very nice – beautiful garden, very helpful, not a long drive from the airport, awesome people, so what more could one ask?)

At about 7:30, I decided I should probably get something to eat, since it had been quite some time since I’d had breakfast, and though I had tea with some biscuits early in the afternoon and my stomach was (and still is) feeling a bit fussy, so I went to the Tavernas next door. The young waiter spoke enough English that ordering was fairly easy (plus the menu came in English), so I had a small pitcher of wine (a quarter litre), some fried zucchini, and cucumber salad (with just cucumbers, though the waiter looked at me like I was crazy).  The meal also came with some bread.  I really, really love the Greek bread, so that made me quite happy.  I couldn’t eat as much of the dinner as I’d have liked, but it was certainly very delicious and I really like eating in the open air. I’m looking forward to doing more of that for the next week.  I also got complimentary dessert at the Tavernas (I guess that is common).  It was some kind of custard with a raspberry sauce on top.  It was not only yummy but soothing in a way, perhaps because it was quite simple and easily consumed by my jet lagged body,  but maybe also because I just love custard.  And that pretty much sums up my day – nothing terribly adventurous today (other than the trek to the museum), but honestly, sometimes that’s just the kind of holiday a person needs. The kind where one can finish re-reading Lord the the Rings and get a little sunshine by the pool. Just brilliant, really, and I totally recommend it.


  1. Sounds like post jet lag you are off to a good start. I am enjoying your blog MJ.

    Love Mom

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