Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | September 10, 2012

Ode to a Grecian Turn: Day Two

I don’t think this will be a terribly long post, given I spent most of my day being on a plane or being jet lagged. I flew out from Toronto in the afternoon, on Alitalia, after checking in, having a bowl of soup at Swiss Chalet, along with a glass of wine for my nerves, before going through security.  I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t a minute massage thing in the international section – I had some time to kill.

The flight was fairly smooth.  I took some melatonin and slept a little, ate some dinner (they feed you real, hot food on Alitalia), had more melatonin and tried to sleep again.  It didn’t go that well – I got some, but couldn’t get comfortable, but the talking, baby crying, and someone snoring all made things difficult.  Eventually, I gave up.

In Rome, where I transferred, I had to go through security and have my passport checked again, even though I hadn’t been anywhere but airports and airplanes all day. No stamps in my passport, though. After a bit of a trek and a bit of delay, I was on my way to Athens.  Once there, I ran into a teeny baggage hiccup – the zip-on fanny pack where I had stored all my toiletries was not on the bag.  I was worried about how to report it, but it turned up on the conveyer belt to my surprise and pleasure, so I zipped it back on and remembered to use the straps this time.  Then I got to emerge into Athens. No one stamped my passport or even checked it.  They didn’t make me fill out forms or even ask if I was carrying plants or anything. I’m mostly sad that I don’t have any stamps to show for this trip.

Where I spent much of my afternoon reading and repeating “don’t nap” as I tried to drift off .

In any case, I’d booked a pick up to the B&B I’m staying at, the St Thomas bed and breakfast.  The owner, Janet, came to pick me up as prearranged. After a welcome shower, I went to plug in my laptop only to find that, of the two converters I brought with me, the one with the many adapters that fit on and off it is two pronged, and won’t accommodate my laptop, and the other one was the result of faulty research, because it is a UK plug and not the recessed to plugs that Greece uses.  Janet has kindly allowed me the use of hers (she’s from the UK originally) while her husband Aris is going to see if he can’t find one for me tomorrow, near his office.  Janet and Aris are both awesome, in case you couldn’t tell.  And the B&B is super nice too

I haven’t done a lot of exploring today – see the part when I’m dead tired – but I did read in the garden by the pool, and I did pick up something to eat at the grocery store since the nearest restaurant is closed on Monday, and I wanted to just grab something light for my time zone weird tummy. I got some pita bread, Greek yogurt with honey and a Hellman’s potato salad with far too much mayo, mainly because they were the only things I recognized. I really have to start carrying my Greek phrasebook around.

That’s pretty much all my tired brain can handle for now. I hope to have more news for you tomorrow.  But no promises… jet lag is hard!


  1. Sounds wonderful, Myranda. Enjoy!

  2. Oh – the poolside looks lovely!

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