Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | June 18, 2012

Treaty Partying It Up in the Sahtu: Day # 5

The dining room at the Grey Goose Lodge features, among other things, stuff polar bears that had wandered very far south and had to be put down. They are very thin.

So I was little premature writing “until tomorrow” in my last entry.  I’ve actually been home for a few days now, and I’m finally sitting down to write my last entry. I got a little caught up – by the time I got home Friday, it was nearly nine at night, and I still had to do laundry, get dinner, and unpack some of my gear.  Saturday and Sunday was the NorthWords Writers Festival (which is a little ironic in that I was prevent from writing as a result), and yesterday I had my learn to run class followed by an evening dance class.  But I’m home tonight, so I thought I’d tackle my last day of travel.

I’d slept rather well in my room in Deline.  It was a little warm when I went to bed, but as it cooled outside, so did the room, so the temperature dropped down to about 19C over the night, which is pretty much where I keep it at home. I did have trouble staying asleep, so made myself a quiet coffee and listened to music while I sipped it, then got ready for the day ahead.  I had a nice breakfast at the restaurant in Deline, my standard bacon and scrambled eggs with hashbrowns and toast, but these were all very good, and it was certainly nice to have time for a good breakfast, since we didn’t start until ten o’clock.  It was another busy day, though we did seem to fall into a better rhythm.  Just in time for the whole thing to be over, I suppose.

We packed up and grabbed our gear from the hotel, and made it to the airport to catch our plane home.  One little drawback? The airport was locked up since you don’t have to go through security on the small Northern flights, and the flight was a charter so they’d closed it up after the last schedule.  No bathrooms for anyone who hadn’t had a chance back at the arena where we’d been set up.  Fortunately, this had been mentioned to me before hand, because I really, really did not want to have to find some brush while my co-workers were standing not that far away.  The flight back was actually not too long, just over an hour, so anyone who wasn’t so fortunate to get this little bit of information didn’t have long to wait.

The view from the plane window on the way home.

All in all, it was a very interesting trip, and it was neat to see some of the smaller communities first hand.  I would have liked to spend a little more time getting to know the people, who seemed quite lovely, in all of the communities, but with a work trip like this one was, there isn’t always the opportunity.  Still, I am glad I signed up, and if I have my term renewed next year, I think I shall ask to put my name in to help out once again.  I will, however, probably put in for a different region – not because I dislike the Sahtu, but because I wouldn’t mind seeing every community in the territory.  There are 33 in total, but with five more under my belt in one trip, I might just get there.  Including Yellowknife, I’ve now been in 15 of them, and when I go to Lutselk’e in two weeks, I’ll be pretty much half way there. So that’s it for this particular trip.  I hope you enjoyed reading about a different kind of adventure, even though most of it I spent working.  I know I enjoyed doing it!  Until the next adventure!

***Edited to add, much later:  I’ve seen been and gone back to Norman Wells, and just wanted to say that I have eaten at the Heritage Hotel and the Yamoria Inn’s restaurants.  The Heritage Hotel’s food was nothing to write home about, but the menu at Peter’s Pride (at the Yamoria) was extensive and the food was fabulous.  If you are in Norman Wells, that is my recommended restaurant! No idea what the accommodations are like, though.  Given comfort and the view, I’d probably stick with the Heritage.

Also, apologies for putting two posts up back to back, but I figured I should get it out of the way before my next trip.  I’m helping out on another work trip, and will be in Lutselk’e tomorrow and the next day.  So stay tuned for that update in a few days.  I’ll be handwriting and typing up later, so it might take a few.  Thanks for stopping by!

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