Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | January 4, 2012

Solo in Kona: My Hawaiian Adventure Day #7

Brave little breakfast bird!

Well, I have fallen into that age old trap and lost track of what vacation day I am on.  Unfortunately, this is not ending in that blissed out end of vacation high, but instead am getting stressed out, a good part of it my own doing.

I got up this morning and decided I would book myself a whale watching tour for Wednesday, before I left on Thursday.  So I went to the concierge desk, slapped down my credit card, and booked a whale watching tour for tomorrow.  I went to Bongo Ben’s, my go-to place for breakfast, ate leisurely.  I even sprinkled a little biscuit on my table and a brave bird came to visit me and eat some crumbs.

After breakfast, I made my way to the little cove I mentioned the other day.  It wasn’t a long stroll, so I walked around a little, and put my feet in the ocean.  I took a few pictures, particularly of the standing stone piles. I haven’t run into anyone who I could ask about them, but they remind me a little of Inukshuks.  I wonder if they have the same significance.  Or perhaps they are simply tourists piling the rocks up because the Vancouver 2010 Olympics made Inukshuks popular.

After some time in the cove, I made my way to my room to change into some swimming gear, and this is where I noticed my big, giant error.

Deciding at this late hour to check my itinerary, I noticed one big, glaring mistake.  I don’t leave Thursday.  I get in on Thursday after an overnight flight.  My flight leaves tomorrow, and I’m past the 24 hour mark and cannot cancel my whale watching tour.

So here’s the thing:  I’m going to do it, though timelines might be a little tighter than I’d like.  The whale watching boat goes out at noon and is back at 2:30 in the afternoon.  All my tours to date have arrived back on time, and my plane leaves at 6:46 in the evening.  It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to the airport from my hotel.  So I will check out in the morning and store my bags.  I’ve checked in online, though it only showed as far as San Francisco, so I’ll need to stop at the counter anyway to pay for checked baggage and to make sure it gets all the way to Edmonton.  I plan to taxi from the pier where my tour leaves at 2:30 and get the driver to wait for me while I get my bags.  That should have me departing the Royal Kona Resort no later than 3:00, and to the airport at 3:30 at the absolute latest, leaving 3 hours to make sure everything is kosher as I go through the line. I’m still feeling very stressed about it, no doubt in part because I had difficulty checking in online and ended up having to call the (very helpful) people at Hawaiian Airlines.  Three hours should be more than enough time; I know, I asked.  In fact, two is enough time, so I’m hoping my travel nerves will quell themselves at that.

A Hawaiian Inukshuk?

The nerves are not new; I’m always so worried about travel until I get on the plane.  This bungle on my part doesn’t help things, either.  I have tried to do things to make myself more at ease: I’ve checked in already, as I mentioned.  I spent part of the afternoon packing, so I only have a few things left to take care of tomorrow.  My stomach is still churning over this more than I’d like, however, and even though I managed a salad for lunch and some time reading in the sun, my dinner, though delicious, was difficult.  I ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp, complete with Forrest Gump shoes and suitcase on a bench for pictures.  I had fish and chips, which I love, and they were good, but totally ruined by my worrying.  I am now back in my room, heading to bed now that I’m no longer attached at the ear to the phone, trying to make sure my ticket is still good to go.  I think I’ll need a little melatonin, packed for the plane, to help me get to sleep, and I’m going to try to go with the flow.  I won’t get another entry in right away tomorrow, since I’ll be travelling, but will try to keep you posted as to how it goes.  Though I really do want to see the whales, part of me is hoping the ocean swells are, like today, too big to go out so I get a refund, miss out through no fault of my own, and relax a little more.  But it will turn out the way it will turn out, I supposed.

Until the next (delayed) entry, wish me luck, and aloha!

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