Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | January 2, 2012

Solo in Kona: My Hawaii Adventure Day #5

Hello again!  This post should be a short one, since I traded my adventure hat for a lazy hat today, and thusly did very little worth writing about.

I woke up at about 8 o’clock in the morning, which is a good two hours later than I have been waking up (and will be waking up tomorrow).  I made myself a coffee and blogged the volcano tour.  By the time I was done that and showered and dressed, it was past 10:30, and I was so hungry.  I decided to walk down the road to try a place by the pier for breakfast.  I passed the outdoor church on the way, but was too hungry to start my day by going to mass.  The singing was very pretty, though, so I stopped to listen to the verses of “The First Noel”.

By the time I got to the restaurant, breakfast hours had finished, so I ordered a BLT with avocado added since it seemed like a good way to start the day.  The kitchen was backed up, so my order took a very long time.  Of course, my drink order did not.  I had a drink called a Hawaiian Shoreline, which includes light rum, Malibu, Blue Curacao, and pineapple juice.  It was very delicious.  Too delicious, even, because I had a second one to eat with my brunch since I’d finished the first.  It made me very, very relaxed.

So relaxed, in fact, that after stopping by my room to use to the bathroom after I’d walked home, I lay down to close my eyes for five minutes and woke up an hour later.  I felt very refreshed, and that left just over 45 minutes until my spa treatment, so I read a little.  I then made my way to the Lotus Spa, where I had book a Lani Koni, which was a massage and mini facial.  It was very good.  My massage therapist, Helen, used lots of deep tissue pressure, which is what I like.  And my face now feels so smooth.

Boneless, I made my way to the pool to read and watch the sunset, then went to dinner at Bongo Bob’s, which is the place I keep revisiting.  A country band was playing, which almost made me change my mind about where to eat dinner, but I do really like it there, plus I have discount cards that Hanna (the Russian New Yorker from previous entries) kindly passed me before she left after the luau, since she headed home on the red eye that night.  I will take a moment to note that all these little places seem to pass you discounts to somewhere else – tonight my dinner came with a card for 50% off a massage.

At dinner, I ordered a hamburger since my craving could not be put off any longer.  A woman selling leis came by, and so I did by one.  Before I left, the lone male in my department told me to be sure to get leied, so I can go back and tell him mission accomplished.  My lei is entirely plumeria blossoms and smells heavenly.  I shall wear it tomorrow again after I’ve come back from snorkeling.  While at dinner, I also saw Cassandra and her boys, as well as her mom and dad, as they’d spotted me at my table while they were wandering the shops and stopped to say hello.  It was very nice.

After dinner, I popped back to my room to change into my swimsuit as I fancied a swim in the salt water lagoon.  Unfortunately, it was closed for the evening, so instead of jumping in the pool I decided to call it a night. I plan to go to bed shortly, since I am tired from yesterday or from all the relaxing, and I have to get up early to make my snorkeling check in.  I hope I can sleep; there is a wedding reception that is playing music quite loudly right now, and I don’t know that “I Knew The Bride” (playing now) or “I’m Sexy and I Know It” (playing earlier) are conducive to sleep.

Until tomorrow, aloha!

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