Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | December 4, 2011

A travel adventure that I didn’t take – Israel

Several entries back, so many I’ve lost count, I mentioned the possibility of having “guest blogs” so that my travel blog could be updated fairly regularly, without my having to go broke.  I’m not being paid to travel (yet – a girl can dream!), so letting my friends’ travels fill in the blanks is the best I can do.

So let me introduce you to my friend Alexander.

Alexander is a great friend of mine who just happens to travel extensively – even more extensively than I do.  He’s also braver than I am (but I’m working on it!) and jets off to rather far away places.  He recently took time off work to check a dream location off his list – Israel.

So I’m directing you to his journal – why cut and paste here when you can visit the source – to read about his recent adventure. You’re in for a treat – among his many other talents, Alexander is a brilliant photographer, and he is MUCH better at keeping his journals updated with pictures than I am.

So check it out:  You won’t be sorry!

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