Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 28, 2011

Attempts At Learning to Love Toronto: Day Four

Well, it’s been another Toronto day.  And while I wouldn’t say I hate this city, I really, really don’t love it.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a pretty good day, but I am not feeling the love.

We slept in a little in the morning, as BFF and BFFH had been working late hours, as previously discussed.  BFFH got a call from a friend from the film the both of them are working on, and a tentatively planned brunch meeting was on. We all got showered and dressed and (for us gals at least) made up as fast as we could with three of us sharing the one bathroom. The brunch meeting was a ways away, so we had to walk about a half hour to the subway station, and then it about another half hour away.  It has been raining all day, so it was a wet walk, but I had my rain jacket and I kind of like walking in the rain. Not so much when a giant drop falls right in my eye, though. That was unexpected and unpleasant.

When we finally arrived at the cafe, the people we were meeting were there, but we had to wait another 15 minutes for our table.  The diner (I didn’t note its name) was very busy.  It took our waiter quite a while to come for the drink order.  The food also took a little while.  I ordered my standard diner fare – scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, and toast.  The toast was cold, which was disappointing, though my latte was good. I didn’t chat a lot at the diner, since everyone else was working on the movie and I didn’t have much to contribute, conversation wise.

When we’d finished, BFF and BFFH and I took the subway and then the streetcar to a place near the Kensington Market, as Kathleen had mentioned she lived near there (though she didn’t get my text until recently, too bad!).  We didn’t know where we were going, so we ended up walking through Chinatown, then to Queen’s street.  I found some Christmas presents for my bro and my sister-in-law, and BFF and BFFH both found a few things as well.  I won’t go into detail, of course, since that would ruin a few people’s surprises!

We came home for dinner, and BFF made us homemade Caesar salad and pizza for dinner – even the dough.  Have I mentioned BFF is a fabulous cook?  Then her downstairs neighbour came  up and we watched some of Jim Henson’s The Storyteller, which I absolutely loved. BFFH actually liked this one, and made fun of my taste far less than he did Bedknobs and Broomsticks.  Tomorrow, BFF and BFFH have a 9:30 call for their work on the movie, so I plan to do some writing and wander the area.  And do a load of laundry, so I have clean jeans for on the plane.

Until tomorrow!

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