Posted by: M.J. Bolstad | November 27, 2011

Attempts At Learning To Love Toronto: Day Three

Well, it’s the end of day three in Toronto, and I’ve moved from the hotel to the home of my BFF and the BFF’s Husband (to be known from now on as BFFH).  They moved to Toronto in September, and and since it is only November it hasn’t really been all that long, but I’ve missed them terribly and it is nice to see them.

I did catch up on my Nano yesterday (and will have to get my behind in gear if I’m going to stay caught up), but it was fairly late before I made it to bed.  Coupled with the hallway jerks who talked (and loudly) for lengthy periods of time – and more than one group of them on my floor! – it was even later before I got to sleep. As such, I let myself sleep in a little.  I also thought I’d let the BFF and the BFFH sleep in. They are working on a film shoot as unpaid interns, and their call had them out until four in the morning.

So I lazed about for the morning in the hotel room, then at noon taxied to my BFF’s neighbourhood, a charming little street in the Beaches.  Margaret Atwood lives in the Beaches.  I haven’t passed her in the street, but a girl can hope.  I did speak with her when she was in Yellowknife, but one can never see Margaret Atwood too many times.

Once I arrived and we’d hauled my giant, heavy suitcase up to their second story apartment, the three of us had tea (side note: BFF met BFFH when she and I were living in Scotland, and tea is common in the BFF/H household).  We then wandered to some nearby shops, including once that cannot be named to complete a mission for a certain family member on behalf of said family member’s Christmas intentions, and to Marble Slab, where we got ice cream for our walk through the park.  We’re from Yellowknife, so ice cream is perfectly lovely in November, especially when it is Red Velvet ice cream with fudge pieces in a November that still doesn’t have snow.

After our ice cream and our walk through the park, including the boardwalk along the lake and the beach from which the area gets its name, we took a streetcar to the Eaton Centre to shop, because both BFF and I needed jeans.  The Eaton Centre was crazy busy.  The kind of busy I usually avoid.  We did end up getting our jeans, and did wander through one or two more stores, but then we decided to get ourselves out.  We walked around for a while to see if there was anything in the downtown that we felt was worth eating, but between prices and how busy the area was, we decided to head back to the Beaches to find somewhere to eat.  We ended up at a place called the Green Eggplant, as the person who lives in the building’s basement apartment recommended it.  The food was excellent, and very reasonably priced.  We were brought not one but two baskets of bread (since we ripped through the first one fairly quickly) with three yummy dipping sauce – one was an artichoke, one was hummus, and one was an antipasto of some sort that was really good.  Each of actual main courses came with a starter salad (I choose a garden salad and the house vinaigrette was lovely and crisp-tasting). BFFH had what he called the best burger he’d ever eaten (thanks to the gouda and fried onions, I think), the BFF had a shitake mushroom and chicken penne, while I had an avocado and chicken club sandwich and sweet potato fries.  Everything was outstanding and my meal, including a glass of Chianti and a decent tip, was under $30.

We walked home from there, and then watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks, which I’d brought up with me since BFFH had mentioned he’d never seen it, and we didn’t get a chance to watch before BFF and BFFH moved away.  Sadly, he wasn’t as in to it as we were, but he did acknowledge that some of it may be that the magic is a little more difficult to capture when you haven’t seen it as a kid.  Also a problem? He really, really does not like Angela Lansbury.  But it was a lovely evening, and I’m glad to be here.

Tomorrow’s adventure is not yet set.  We’re going to brunch, and I’m sure there will be more shopping – Christmas is coming, after all – but we shall see. Until the next entry!

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